Virtual nudes highlight art of yoga

By Tam Giao   June 30, 2021 | 06:00 am PT
Photographer Thai Phien has curated an online exhibition with 28 images capturing the postures of yoga instructors, highlighted by aspects of feminine beauty.

The "Nang Sau Rem" (rough translation: Sunlight Behind The Curtain) exhibition is a collection of photos selected from 120 pieces taken by Thai Phien during the Covid-19 pandemic. Working with seven yoga instructors, he said: "Amid the pandemic, I realized health is the most important thing. I want to encourage people to enjoy more physical activities, and peace of mind amid an abundance of news about the Covid-19."

The photographer created a 3D exhibition that is similar to an art gallery, in which viewers encounter nudes hung along virtual walls that offer more details with the click of a mouse.

A photo in the exhibition. Photo courtesy of Thai Phien.

A photo in the "Nang Sau Rem" exhibition. Photo courtesy of Thai Phien.

Unlike his previous work, mainly taken outdoors, Phien this time made full use of studio facilities. His black and white photos aim to honor the elegant and gentle appeal of yoga, avoiding aspects of profanity.

"I didn’t convince anyone to work with me, since I feared they would take it negatively. The first model (in the collection) was an acquaintance; later, people came to me," Phien said, adding he would organize an event to introduce the collection when the pandemic is under control, as the virtual exhibition will run until July 15.

Thai Phien, born in 1960 in central Hue Town, started his photography career in 1992. He introduced his first nude photo book, Mien Co Tich (Fairytale Land), in 2018.

So far, around 300 photographs taken by Phien have been exhibited in more than 60 countries and territories.

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