Vietnamese dancer wows audiences in Chinese dance competition

By Hieu Nhan   August 23, 2021 | 09:18 pm PT
Vietnam’s Nguyen Vu Minh Tuan has received accolades for his dancing and choreography in the ongoing ‘Street Dance Of China’ season four.

In the second episode, aired on August 21, Tuan was chosen by Lay Zhang, one of the four team captains, to dance with him in a contest against a team led by Henry Lau.

Zhang said he chose Tuan because of his unique talent and style. The two performed popping dance choreographed by Tuan.

Tuan added his own twists and ideas to the dance, making it lively, he added.

They wowed both audiences and the judges and ended up winning the contest. The other captains also praised the talent of the Vietnamese dancer.

Judge ICee said: "I think Tuan's choreography is great, and so is his technique. To me, his dance is very beautiful, radiating an aura."

Performance by Nguyen Vu Minh Tuan (middle) and Lay Zhang. Video by Youku

On Weibo, China’s top social media platform, Tuan's performance attracted nearly 13.5 million views and thousands of comments.

One commenter praised the choreography by MTPOP (Tuan's stage name), and said he would make it into one of the final rounds of the competition.

Street Dance of China is a reality show featuring professional dancers from China and around the world. Tuan is one of the prominent faces of season four, and considered an ace popping dancer. He has been among the top contestants with the most broadcast time in the first two episodes.

Tuan, 26, said he received an invitation to participate in season one, but declined because he was busy. This year again the program invited him, and he agreed, hoping to learn and compete with good dancers from around the world.

"By entering the competition I will help take images of Vietnam to international audiences. I want to compete with countries with developed dance backgrounds."

He has 14 years of experience in choreography, and is currently a member of the X-Clown Crew dance group. He has won many dance competitions including Street Star Festival in Sweden (2017), Who Is The Champion in Malaysia (2017), Jack Of All Trades Festival in Canada (2018), and Drop The Beat in Australia (2018).

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