Netflix to screen action film Furie

By An Nguyen    May 9, 2019 | 04:54 pm PT
Vietnamese action film Furie will be shown on online movie streaming platform Netflix from May 22.
A scene in the film Furie. 

A Furie poster.

Furie producer Ngo Thanh Van said it was a good move for the film to reach a wider audience. Details of the deal were not announced.

Titled Hai Phuong in Vietnamese, the film will also be introduced on some other video on demand (VOD) platforms like Itunes, Comcast, Amazon, Google Play.

Furie, directed by Le Van Kiet, tells the story of a former gang leader in the Mekong Delta whose daughter is kidnapped. The fighting fit mother embarks on a journey to rescue her daughter.

Released in Vietnamese cinemas in February, the action film has become Vietnam's highest grossing film of all time. It also collected $600,000 in two weeks after its release in the U.S.

Netflix is one of the top online movie streaming platforms in the world. Users pay every month to watch the movies available on the system. 

Before Furie, two Vietnamese movies Trung So (Jackpot) and Chung Cu Ma (Hush) have been shown on this platform. Ngo Thanh Van, Furie's producer and lead actress, has played a role in two films produced by Netflix, Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger 2 and Bright.

The trailer of Furie

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