'Cu Chill Thoi' is one of most Shazamed songs in many countries

By Long Nguyen   August 29, 2021 | 05:45 pm PT
A remix version of 'Cu Chill Thoi' (Just Chill) has entered the list of most searched songs on Shazam in Russia, Venezuela, Peru, and Kazakhstan.

In many cities in these countries, the song by Vietnamese boyband Chillies and remixed by DJ TuSo and LEA is in the list of 200 most popular on Shazam, an application that can identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows from a short sample.

A still from Cu Chill Thoi MV. Photo courtesy of Warner Music Vietnam.

A still from MV 'Cu Chill Thoi'. Photo courtesy of Warner Music Vietnam.

On Aug. 26, it was the 60th most searched song in Iquitos, Peru.

The song has also been popular on the short video platform TikTok in many countries including Japan, South Korea, Russia, and Sweeden.

Many Chinese netizens covered the song in both Vietnamese and Chinese, attracting millions of likes and comments on Douyin, the domestic version of TikTok.

The original version of 'Cu Chill Thoi' was released in Vietnam in July 2020 and has always been in the list of most streamed Vietnamese songs on global streaming platform Spotify.

Its music video on YouTube has garnered more than 70 million views and thousands of comments from local and international fans.

Many Vietamese songs like 'Hai Phut Hon' (Over Two Minutes) and ‘De Den De Di' (Easy Come Easy Go) and folk song 'Trong Com' (Rice Drum) have recently attracted international attention, with many Internet users and celebrities covering or dancing to them.

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