American Idol audition wins Vietnamese teen millions of fans

By Tam Ky   March 5, 2019 | 06:45 pm PT
American Idol audition wins Vietnamese teen millions of fans
A screenshot of Myra Tran's audition at American Idol last Sunday.
Myra Tran’s American Idol audition did not just wow the judges, millions worldwide have been captivated, too.

Myra Tran, whose real name is Tran Minh Nhu, has gathered praise from many foreign viewers after her audition performance for American Idol was aired Sunday.

The video of Nhu’s performance received 1.5 million views on the program’s official Facebook page, the highest number among all contestants appearing in the first episode of the show.

Performing Jennifer Hudson’s classic "One Night Only", Tran became the first Vietnamese person to pass the audition round of the American talent show.

Many viewers praised her strong vocal abilities. "It is an amazing voice. I was overwhelmed at the first note," a user named Melissa Marie wrote. "She makes me think of Jessica Sanchez." Jessica Sanchez was an Asian American runner-up of American Idol in 2012.

"I think my jaw dropped to hear that voice. It’s unbelievable," commented J.J. Kindred.

Many people appreciated the demonstration of her vocal abilities against a sole piano background.

A viewer named John Patrick wrote that he was impressed with "those runs and those high notes with beautiful tone and vibrato."

Some viewers said that Myra Tran was among the brightest prospects for winning the contest this year.

"Can we just skip to the end and go ahead and crown her the next American Idol," wrote Allison Crosby. The comment was supported by nearly 600 people.

Since Myra Tran has previously won X Factor Vietnam, some viewers have said that it is unfair that experienced singers are allowed to participate in the competition.

But others have disagreed, saying American Idol was a completely different playground. "Talent is talent. Isn't the purpose of this program to find that?" Darrell Warren countered.

Myra Tran said she happened to learn about registering for American Idol when she was shopping in the market with her father in the United States. The 19-year-old girl, who comes from southern An Giang Province in Vietnam, has been in the U.S. for a year now. She lives in Washington State with her parents and attends the Todd Beamer High School, in Federal Way City.

American Idol is a music talent show founded by Simon Fuller in the U.S. in 2002. The first 15 seasons of the show were aired on Fox channel from 2002 to 2016. Since the last season, it has been aired on ABC channel. It is one of the most successful scouting programs in American television history, discovering and promoting many hidden talents.

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