American Learning Lab enhances English immersion experience in Vietnam

By Phong Van   April 14, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
American Learning Lab creates breakthroughs for children with its innovative English learning model, helping students adapt quickly to today's fast-paced digital world.

According to Global Language Monitor, a new word is born every 90 minutes, and currently, 1.5 billion people use English as a spoken language, with 100 percent of documents and information about technology and scientific progress written in English. This has led to the enormous growth in knowledge that showed by the popularity of English.

To quickly adapt to this fast-changing world, American Learning Lab (ALAB) offers English immersion 4.0 programs designed for children.

American Learning Lab values advancing programs and teaching methods. Photo by ALAB

American Learning Lab values advancing programs and teaching methods. Photo by ALAB

Technology integration

Cloud, Big Data, AI... help in recording the details of students' learning process, thereby providing in-depth analysis to provide continuous progress and capacity reports, supporting teachers in understanding each child clearly and orientating them.

Each student at ALAB can use state-of-the-art tablets in the classroom, which helps record information and monitor each student's ability to acquire knowledge. More importantly, they learn English through interactions with smart devices and classmates to increase interest and engagement.

Additionally, students can practice, review and play with English whenever they want with Student App and "Quiz Monster". ALAB also integrates the most advanced methodology in the curricula: Real-time interaction, Collaborative learning approach, Multi-sensory learning techniques. This system of methods helps students learn English faster and more engagingly.

Exclusive program

ALAB cooperates with prestigious educational partners like Lego Education, Pearson, and Visang... Designed by the world's leading experts and educational partners from one of the top universities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and South Korea, the curriculum is internationally recognized, modern, and suitable for the psychology of Vietnamese children.

English learning space at ALAB. Photo by ALAB

English learning space at ALAB. Photo by ALAB

ALAB meets strict standards in terms of modern facilities, well-trained native teachers as well as professional operation by achieving two international high-quality standards: ISO 9001:2015 and NEAS..., the global certifications in quality management and educational training.

Through unique application (Parent App), parents can closely monitor their child's learning and development through detailed reports and assessments at each class session, thereby clearly seeing the development of students with different language skills including listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as grammar and vocabulary. Besides, the Parent App provides continuous information and fully stores students' creative products like images, audio, and videos during the learning process.

ALAB enhances the learning experience to maximize the result of students. Photo by ALAB

ALAB enhances the learning experience to maximize student results. Photo by ALAB

ALAB offers two programs: COSMOS (offline) and VIRTUAL (online). "We believe that our advantages will support students to achieve three efficiencies in a short period: being brilliant in English, possessing strong skills, and growing confident when taking international exams. We believe our exclusive programs integrated top-class technology would help students keep up with the speed of today's ever-changing digital world," a representative said.

ALAB's Integrated English Language System 4.0 has a presence across Ho Chi Minh City. Also, it provides an online program with unlimited access to students.

On this occasion, ALAB offers a scholarship worth up to 25 percent of the course.

Hotline: 1900 63 65 66


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