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By Thy An   July 11, 2023 | 12:30 am PT
Jon Standen, the new principal of the Australian International School (AIS) in Saigon, said a school that inspires students would help them love learning.
Jon Standen, the new principal of the Australian International School (AIS) in Saigon. Photo courtesy of AIS

Jon Standen, the new principal of the Australian International School (AIS) in Saigon. Photo courtesy of AIS

What motivated you to accept the position of executive principal at AIS?

AIS is an established school with an excellent reputation. It is part of Inspired, a global network of premium schools, and you get a strong sense of the benefits being part of a group like this brings. The Inspired educational philosophy, which places importance on holistic education, fits my own beliefs about what makes for a great school and a great education for each child.

Holistic education not only supports the development of the whole person, including academic performance, but also guarantees that young people have the opportunity to develop skills and attributes that will serve them well when they graduate from AIS.

What do you think are the factors that make for a great school for students?

At AIS Saigon, we aim to offer the very best holistic education, not only in Vietnam for day students but also across Southeast Asia with our wonderful boarding facilities. This goal is founded on five key beliefs.

Firstly, academic rigor and intellectual curiosity lead to success in examinations. Examination results give access to the very best universities and employers. Our students develop an enthusiasm for learning and become lifelong learners.

Secondly, success in life is not determined by school grades alone. Personal qualities and values ultimately determine whether academic potential is translated into meaningful careers and a well-lived life. Our holistic education ensures our alumni are well-balanced, resilient, and innovative young men and women with the leadership skills to turn opportunities into realities.

Thirdly, a happy child will be a successful child; students who are safe, happy, and who enjoy their school days will achieve their potential. Here at AIS Saigon, academic success and the development of the whole person are rooted in exceptional pastoral care, with lifelong friendships and contacts made. Our graduates are quietly confident, curious and creative thinkers who possess the skills and qualities to make a difference in the world and, at the same time, enjoy personal fulfillment.

Fourthly, we employ the very best staff and support their career development. Our staff are at the heart of our success, modeling the values we hold dear each day for our students to emulate. Passionate about their subjects, they place a premium on understanding each student’s individual needs and nurturing their development.

Finally, we always collaborate closely with the parents, and we respect your opinions.

At AIS Saigon, education is motivating, rich in culture, aspirational and life-enriching. Along the process, we also enjoy ourselves greatly.

AIS students had some musical instruments classes to develop their personal skills and relax after main classes. Photo courtesy of AIS

AIS students had some musical instruments classes to develop their personal skills and relax after main classes. Photo courtesy of AIS

What are the biggest advantages AIS offers?

I have been able to visit the school on several occasions since I was appointed to the role. From these visits, I can see the strength of the relationships in the school between teachers, students and parents.

AIS is a warm and welcoming school community. It is already a highly successful school, and I hope during my tenure as executive principal to build further upon the excellent provisions in place.

The school has three sites and is well situated geographically for the future. Being a member of Inspired brings many benefits and opportunities for our students to work with and learn from peers in other countries and continents. That is very exciting.

What are the advantages of attending a global school like AIS and following an internationally recognized curriculum like the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program?

In the last two years of school, senior students undertake the IB diploma, which is an internationally recognized curriculum that is well respected by universities across the world.The IB diploma gives students a broad and balanced curriculum while also permitting them to delve deeply into subjects and see connections across subjects. It teaches students to develop and use transferable skills that will be used at university, at work, and in life long after they graduate from AIS.

An IB diploma class graduated from AIS. More information about AIS here. Photo courtesy of AIS

An IB diploma class graduated from AIS. Photo courtesy of AIS

As an international, English-speaking school, our mixed-specialist staff is largely expatriate teachers who assist students in achieving academic excellence that opens doors for them at home and abroad.

Children learn about other cultures and perspectives, develop a global network of lifelong friends and connections, appeal academically to international universities and future employers, and participate in a diverse and enriching community.

Students are invited to join clubs, be part of leadership groups, compete in interschool competitions, enjoy camps and field trips, and be involved in fundraising for community programs.

I invite families to experience AIS for themselves. Our admissions team and I welcome the opportunity to show families what AIS has to offer.

For more information about AIS, please call hotline 1900 6940 or 028 3742 4040; click here; visit at 264 Mai Chi Tho, An Phu Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC; or info@aisvietnam.com.

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