Video of golf instructor Georgia Ball getting coached by amateur goes viral

By Quoc Huy   February 25, 2024 | 03:36 am PT
The video of golf instructor Georgia Ball being unexpectedly coached by a stranger on her swing technique has garnered 50.3 million views on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

Ball, a certified professional coach in the U.K, found herself an unwitting student at a practice spot in Liverpool, England. At the time, she was trying to adjust her swing while recording it to provide material for online coaching sessions.

Ball adjusted her movements and produced a smooth swing. However, immediately after that, a man standing near her said: "You should be right through. Swing and follow through. You’re doing too slow on the way up."

Georgia Ball's video of being coached by stranger. Video courtesy of Georgia Ball

With an innocent and surprised look, Ball tried to explain. Nonetheless, the stranger repeated his point and emphasized that he "has been playing golf for 20 years."

Ball continued to explain, but couldn’t prevent the man from going on with his lecture, advising her to follow his suggestion. Ball maintained politeness and complied then executed the swing with proper technique. After seeing the ball fly straight, the self-appointed coach concluded: "See how much better that was?"

Later, Ball uploaded the video of this encounter to her personal TikTok account on Feb. 21 and garnered over 10 million views, more than 731,000 likes, and over 26,000 comments. It was shared to an account named EmiliaRxse on social network X, where it has since attracted over 54.3 million views. The majority of comments praised Ball for handling the situation well.

"It's not my trait to interrupt anyone. I understand he just wanted to help," she told BBC Newsbeat.

Becoming an unwilling student turned out to be a good thing for Ball, as her Instagram followers increased from 173,000 to 242,000 in just three days.

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