VG Corp unveils new development strategy after rebranding

By Thy An   January 30, 2024 | 07:00 pm PT
VG Corp aims to enhance the golfer community's experience through innovative brand identity and development strategies.

In terms of development strategy, VG Corp is dedicated to listening to and understanding the golfer community to develop products, services, and solutions that enhance the golfer experience.

Specifically, the company is transforming the vHandicap application into a super app with unique features, in addition to the current handicap scoring feature, to provide an all-in-one experience for the golfer community.

Moreover, it will closely collaborate with the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) to implement practical activities that involve deeper interaction with provincial golf associations and clubs, bringing tangible benefits to the community.

Furthermore, VG Corp aims to transform Golfnews into a specialized multimedia channel dedicated to golf, delivering diverse and valuable information to golf enthusiasts across Vietnam.

VG Events, an integral part of the VG Corp ecosystem, is tasked with organizing tournaments within the VGA Tour professional system and the Vietnam Amateur Series non-professional system.

VG Events stands out as the first entity in Vietnam to host two tournaments within the Asian Development Tour (ADT) in the same year: Lexus Challenge 2024 and Nam A Bank Vietnam Master ADT 2024.

The VG Corp logo features a dominant image of a diamond created by the letters V and G, symbolizing Vietnamese golf. This diamond signifies uniqueness and sustainability over time, aligning with VG Corp's core values.

The tagline "Driving Golf Innovation" encapsulates the company's dedication to continuous innovation, promising fresh and unique experiences for Vietnam's golf community.

Chairman and CEO Vo Duy Nghia expressed his passion for golf and deep understanding of the golf community.

"The golf community stands at the heart of VG Corp's development strategy. The company is unwavering in its commitment to enhancing the quality of products, services, and solutions, ensuring novel and distinctive experiences for golf enthusiasts nationwide," Nghia said.

Vo Duy Nghia, Chairman and CEO of VG Corp. Photo courtesy of VG Corp

Vo Duy Nghia, Chairman and CEO of VG Corp. Photo courtesy of VG Corp

The company has solidified a comprehensive collaboration with the VGA, ensuring the continued provision of handicap scoring solutions through the vHandicap app to the Vietnamese golf community.

Collaborations with VGA extend to the organization of various national-level tournaments. VG Corp also announced sponsorship agreements with Nam A Bank for the Nam A Bank Vietnam Master ADT 2024 tournament and other tournaments organized by VG Corp and VGA.

VG Corp also announced sponsorship agreements with Nam A Bank. Photo courtesy of VG Corp

VG Corp has solidified a comprehensive collaboration with the VGA. Photo courtesy of VG Corp

VG Corp entered into a comprehensive partnership with VTV Cable to broadcast its and VGA tournaments live on VTV's On Golf channel, providing enthralling matches for golf enthusiasts.

Established in 2016, VG Corp stands as a leading force in Vietnam's golf industry.

With a commitment to innovation and creativity, the company specializes in providing products, services, and specialized golf solutions to nearly 100,000 golfers nationwide. It envisions building a comprehensive and sustainable golf ecosystem to serve Vietnam's vibrant golf community.

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