VG Corp engages with R&A to develop Vietnamese golf

By Thy An   February 5, 2024 | 04:00 am PT
During a recent business trip to Thailand, VG Corp's Chairman, Vo Duy Nghia, and R&A Chairman, Niall Farquharson, engaged in productive discussions on the future of golf development in Vietnam.

With the approval of the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA), representatives from VG Corp presented plans to contribute to the growth of the golf industry in Vietnam. They also proposed collaboration and sought support from R&A for both VGA and VG Corp.

This meeting reflects the ongoing efforts of VG Corp and VGA to bring practical value to the golf community in Vietnam, aiming to elevate Vietnamese golf on the global stage.

As a key partner of VGA, VG Corp has actively participated in various activities and tournaments within the national tournament system, playing a crucial role in the growth of the golf industry in Vietnam.

Nghia expressed his thoughts on the meeting with the R&A, stating that the meeting and exchange with Farquharson was a great honor for him personally and for VG Corp.

They have presented plans to promote the development of the golf industry in Vietnam and have received high appreciation from the R&A.

Following this meeting, VG Corp, in collaboration with VGA, will work on detailed action plans and gradually implement them with support from R&A.

This event once again reaffirms VG Corp's commitment to bringing tangible values and enhancing experiences for the golf community in Vietnam.

Farquharson praised the efforts of the Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) and VG Corp in promoting the development of golf in Vietnam.

He acknowledged the positive growth in the Vietnamese golf market and expressed confidence that, with the right investments, Vietnam could become a prominent name in Asian and global golf.

In response to proposals from VGA and VG Corp, the R&A gave assurances its readiness to support VGA and VG Corp.

Specifically, the R&A will bring community golf development funds, semi-professional and professional tournaments, and various other activities within the R&A's operational framework to Vietnam.

Vu Nguyen, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Vietnam Golf Association and a representative for 41 countries of the Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation, emphasized that Vietnam has great opportunities to make a mark on the global golf map.

He expressed gratitude for the R&A's support, considering it a crucial catalyst for achieving the goal of putting Vietnam on the world golf map.

Niall Farquharson (L), Chairman of the R&A, and Vo Duy Nghia (R), Chairman of the Board and CEO of VG Corp at the meeting in Thailand. Photo courtesy of VG Corp

Niall Farquharson (L), Chairman of the R&A, and Vo Duy Nghia (R), Chairman of the Board and CEO of VG Corp at the meeting in Thailand. Photo courtesy of VG Corp

The R&A, headquartered in St. Andrews, is one of the two governing bodies for world golf, alongside the USGA.

The R&A oversees golf rules, amateur player regulations, and equipment standards in countries outside the jurisdiction of the USGA. It is currently collaborating with 156 golf associations in 143 countries, serving approximately 30 million golfers worldwide.

The Women's Amateur Asia-Pacific is an annual amateur women's golf event organized by the Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation and the R&A since 2018.

The winner receives a spot to compete in three major tournaments: the Chevron Championship, the AIG Women's Open, and the Amundi Evian Championship.

The WAAP tournament in Thailand from Jan. 3–6 features the participation of Vietnam's top female golfer, Le Chuc An. With support from the R&A, hosting the WAAP tournament in Vietnam in the upcoming year is entirely feasible.

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