Son Heung-min shirt sells out after reconciliation with Lee Kang-in

By Hoang Nguyen   February 22, 2024 | 04:34 pm PT
The long-sleeve shirt that South Korean superstar Son Heung-min wore standing next to Lee Kang-in in an reconciliatory Instagram photo has since sold out.

On Wednesday, Son posted an apology and a photo taken with Lee Kang-in on Instagram to clear the air about the fistfight the two got into during Asian Cup, which shook South Korean football.

South Korean newspaper Ajunews reported that the gray long-sleeve shirt Son Heung-min wore in the photo was sold out. It's a shirt by NOS7, a brand that founded by Son himself. On the brand's website, the sold-out cotton long-sleeve shirt has a price tag of KRW97,000 (US$73).

Son Heung-min (L) wears a grey long-sleeve shirt of his brand NOS7 in a meeting with Lee Kang-in in London, England. Photo by Instagram/@hm_son7

Son Heung-min (L) wears a gray long-sleeve shirt of his brand NOS7 in a meeting with Lee Kang-in in London, England, Feb. 21, 2024. Photo by Instagram/@hm_son7

Son named the brand after his jersey number last year. In addition to fashion items, the brand also sells beverages and communication devices.

At the moment, Son is also the face of several large fashion brands. He’s the brand ambassador of both Burberry and Calvin Klein.

The fight between Son, 31, and his eight-year-younger teammate Lee occurred during dinner on Feb. 5, one day before the squad's 0-2 defeat to Jordan in the semifinal of the Asian Cup. Son reprimanded a group of young players, including Lee, for making loud and disruptive noises while playing ping-pong in the national team's dining room.

After being provoked by Lee, Son grabbed his shirt. Lee is said to have thrown a punch toward Son. Although it didn't connect, Son's finger was dislocated when other teammates try to stop the fight.

When the incident was exposed to the media on Feb. 14, most fans were on Son's side, while Lee was the center of criticism. Fans boycotted him and brands removed him from collaboration.

The pressure on Lee waned after he flew to London to meet Son and apologize to him in person. Son later wrote in the post that he hopes people forgive the competitor with an open heart.

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