Ex-girlfriend speaks out on Man City's Kyle Walker following cheating scandal

By Hoang Nguyen   January 16, 2024 | 07:43 pm PT
Influencer Lauryn Goodman said Man City star Kyle Walker has been living a secret double life after fathering the second child with her and was too weak to tell his wife Annie Kilner.

Goodman told U.K. newspaper The Sun over the weekend that she has been trying to convince Walker to reveal the truth to his wife Kilner so they could all "live their lives like adults."

"I kept saying to Kyle that he needs to tell her," Goodman said. "He needs to tell Annie that he is our daughter's father. We need to start out in an open way. If everyone knows where they stand they can make their own adult choices in life."

After months of begging Walker to reveal his secret double life, Goodman took matters into her own hands. She got someone to message Kilner so she could speak to the wife and tell her the truth in private.

Kyle Walker and his wife Annie Kilner. Photo by Instagram/@annievkilner

Kyle Walker and his wife Annie Kilner. Photo by Instagram/@annievkilner

On Jan. 12, Kilner announced on Instagram that she and Walker, who have been together for 13 years and have three children, would be separating and taking some time away.

A day later, Walker apologized to his wife on an Instagram post and required privacy for his family.

Walker and Kilner temporarily separated in 2019 following cheating allegations and during that time, Walked had a brief romance with Goodman leading to having a son.

However, this time when Walker fathered a second child with Goodman, he was with Kilner.

Walker, 33, is considered one of the best right-backs of his generation. Since joining Man City in 2017, he has won five Premier League, two FA Cup, four EFL Cup, two English Super Cup titles, one Champions League, one European Super Cup and one Club World Cup. He also has 81 England caps.

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