Vietnamese beef pho recognized among top 20 soups worldwide

By Anh Minh   January 11, 2024 | 06:00 pm PT
Vietnamese beef pho has been recognized by the news channel CNN among the top 20 soups globally in its 2024 list of best soups.

The criteria for selection focus on the dish's global historical and cultural significance, acknowledging its dual role as both nourishment and medicine throughout history.

Phở bò Việt Nam. Ảnh: Lan Hương

Diners can personalize pho by adding garlic vinegar. Photo by VnExpress/Lan Huong

The beef-based pho variant is crafted with assorted cuts and parts of beef. The stock is made using beef bones, shank, oxtail, and neck, and simmered for hours with cinnamon, star anise and other spices.

CNN described the broth as "a wonderfully aromatic base."

In Vietnam, pho is easily found at various establishments, ranging from popular roadside restaurants and local markets to luxury dining venues and 5-star hotels.

Other featured soups by CNN include banga from Nigeria, a soup made with palm fruit extract, French Bouillabaisse seafood soup, Chinese lanzhou beef noodle soup, Thai tom yum gong, and Japanese ramen noodles.

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