Vietnam has one of world's tastiest dumplings: CNN

By Hoang Phong   March 31, 2024 | 05:11 pm PT
Vietnam has one of world's tastiest dumplings: CNN
Banh bot loc is sold at a street-side stall in Hue, central Vietnam. Photo by VnExpress/Ngan Duong
CNN has selected banh bot loc (Vietnamese tapioca dumplings), a specialty originating from the former imperial capital of Hue, as one of world’s 35 tastiest dumplings.

Banh bot loc is a chewy dumpling made from tapioca flour and filled with pork and shrimp. The cake is covered in banana leaves and steamed before being served hot with a small bowl of dipping sauce consisting of fish sauce and garlic.

The tapioca dumpling is available in different parts of Vietnam in different variations.

In some food stalls, you can order pork sausage cha to eat with banh bot loc. A portion costs from VND15,000 -20,000 ($0.6-0.8).

Other dumplings on the list were Xiaolongbao (Chinese dumplings steamed in bamboo baskets), Siomay (Indonesian steamed fish dumpling), Hong Kong-style shrimp wonton, kartoffelknoedel potato dumplings in Germany, and Japanese gyoza.

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