Singaporeans disgusted by stir-fried durian with strawberries

By Hoang Phong    May 11, 2024 | 12:28 am PT
Singaporeans disgusted by stir-fried durian with strawberries
Video footage shows a street hawker in China stir-frying durian with garlic and adding strawberries for a durian bowl.
Netizens in Singapore have disparaged en-masse a video of a street hawker stir-frying durian with strawberries that has gone viral on Chinese social media.

In the video posted on a Facebook post early this month, a customer was seen asking for a durian rice bowl in Mandarin from a street hawker who stir-fried durian before adding julienned carrots, monosodium glutamate, garlic and chopped chili.

Then, he dropped in a handful of whole strawberries and added some sugar and soy sauce to the mix.

The customer then tasted the dish and said it was good, but added that it did not suit her taste.

The video shared by Singapore durian seller D197 Durian Brother Pte. Ltd on its Facebook has garnered thousands of views and comments, drawing public attention from Singaporean netizens who called the mix "crazy."

"I personally feel that it’s a waste of durian, a fruit king in Southeast Asia. The best way to eat durian is to eat it directly from the shell," one user commented

"Will I be poisoned if I eat this mix?" another asked.

Other commenters said the mix would be harmful to people’s health as durian is already a high-sugar fruit and the vendor still added sugar and strawberries.

The hawker said that the recipe was given to him by his cousin from the Guangxi autonomous region in southern China, Today Online reported. He charges 48 yuan (US$6.64) for a bowl and sells about five or six bowls a day.

Last year, a Japanese restaurant in Malaysia’s Petaling Jaya elicited intense reactions for its ramen placed in a durian shell, with a piece of durian on top. The broth was a combination of their signature tonkotsu soup and real durian.

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