Explore Nha Trang cuisine for $20

By Huynh Nhi   March 19, 2022 | 08:00 pm PT
Popular culinary addresses in the central beach town Nha Trang come with affordable prices. The whole package costs around VND500,000 ($21.87) and can be tried in one day.

Mini pancakes

Tourists can start a new day with mini pancakes (banh can), a southern Vietnamese specialty consisting of crunchy small rice pancakes made with quail eggs, fresh and dry pork, and finally, seafood - usually shrimp or squid.

According to seasoned travelers, the shops at No. 151 Hoang Van Thu Street or No.51 To Hien Thanh Street are the two most popular addresses to try the dish.

Photo by VnExpress/Huynh Nhi

A plate of 'banh can' is served with mango strips and fried shallots. Photo by VnExpress/Huynh Nhi

The cakes are cooked in a small clay pan on glowing charcoal. They are usually sold by pair due to their humble size.

Banh can is served with an essential fish sauce, lemon juice, chili and garlic dip. Some spots also serve herbs, pork balls and green mango as sides.

A portion with all ingredients costs VND60,000 ($2.62).

Pickled fish noodles

Another breakfast not to be missed in Nha Trang is noodles served with picked fish that can be found along tourist streets in the beach town. The most famous address serving this treat is Nam Beo stall near Dam Market for VND30,000 a bowl.

Bowls of fish noodles served at a restaurant in Nha Trang. Photo by taonguyen210194

Bowls of fish noodles served at a restaurant in Nha Trang. Photo by taonguyen210194 on Instagram

The type of fish used to make the dish can be tuna or sailfish with thick, sweet, chewy and less fishy flesh. The restaurant owners will filter out all the bones, then chop the fish into pieces and drop it into the broth.

In addition, to add color and protein, some restaurants also add fish cakes and jellyfish to the bowl of noodle soup. Diners will eat it with bean sprouts, lettuce, herbs and add a little lemon juice, a little fish sauce or shrimp paste.

Lac Canh's grilled beef

The restaurant on Nguyen Binh Khiem Street has been serving diners for over 40 years and is one of the most famous addresses in Nha Trang highly recommended by travel bloggers.

The secret of making perfect grilled beef lies in the recipe of mixing beef with honey and more than 10 kinds of spices. The recipe is handed down from generation to generation, and only known to specific members of the restaurant owner's family.

Photo by jjungelove

Grilled beef at Lac Canh restaurant in Nha Trang. Photo by jjungelove

The beef is grilled on a charcoal stove and dipped in chili salt and lemon, served with toast and salad. Each portion of grilled beef costs about VND160,000.

Seafood at Luong Son fishing village

If you want to enjoy fresh seafood at affordable prices, you can drop by Luong Son fishing village, around 15 kilometers to the north of downtown Nha Trang, where different kinds of snails are served fresh.

Photo by VnExpress/Huynh Nhi

Plates of grilled urchin and snails at a shop on Luong Son fishing village, Nha Trang. Photo by VnExpress/Huynh Nhi

The fishing village is home to an array of restaurants serving guests hundreds of snail dishes from apple snail, oc len xao dua (fried snails with spicy coconut milk) and crab claws roasted with salt. One of the most popular addresses is at No. 7 Thu Bon Street in Vinh Luong Ward where a portion costs around VND60,000.

Grilled rolls

If you are a fan of grilled rolls - nem nuong, you can drop by restaurants on Dang Van Quyen or Vu Thanh An Street. The dish is typically made of pork, seasoned and then grilled. Nem nuong can be found in many places, even in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. However, nowhere do they taste as exquisite as in Nha Trang.

Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Linh

A portion of grilled rolls served at a restaurant in Nha Trang. Photo by VnExpress/Xuan Linh

The dish is not complete without sweet, spicy fish sauce, green papaya and herbs.

As one of the best dishes in Nha Trang, nem nuong should be on top of your culinary list here. Grilled on-site, the rolls are served with rice paper, lettuce, herbs, chili, garlic and steamed rice. The best way to enjoy this dish is by hand.

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