Teacher locked in by students receives warning for improper conduct

By Thanh Hang   January 4, 2024 | 12:05 am PT
Teacher locked in by students receives warning for improper conduct
A still of a video footage revealing a teacher being cornered by students in a classroom in Tuyen Quang Province in November 2023.
The teacher who was locked in by her students in northern Tuyen Quang Province received a warning for "insufficient educational conduct," while the students were suspended for a week.

The disciplinary action was announced by Tuyen Quang authorities on Wednesday, where Hang, a music teacher at the Van Phu Middle School in Son Duong District, made inappropriate words and actions a month ago, when she chased after the students with a shoe in her hand.

"The aforementioned behaviors have violated the ethics code for teachers and government workers, negatively and severely affecting the image of teachers, the educational environment and local security and order," the Tuyen Quang People’s Committee said.

A warning the second level among four levels of disciplinary actions for government workers: reprimand, warning, demotion and expulsion.

Nguyen Duy Sang, principal of Van Phu school, was found to not have instructed and conducted his duties appropriately, causing discord between teachers and students.

When the incident happened, Sang did not deal with it promptly, resulting in severe consequences, causing public distress and affecting the reputation of the school and the education sector, the committee said.

Sang also received a warning and was transferred to work in another place that was not revealed.

The students involved in the incident have been suspended for a week.

In a two-minute video clip that began circulating on social media in November, Hang, the teacher, could be seen locked inside a classroom as dozens of students forced her into a corner while screaming and throwing objects at her.

In a five-minute clip, a group of students could be heard spewing curse words and stuffing trash into the teacher’s bag.

When Hang walked towards the classroom door, the students threw shoes and slippers at her.

Another longer video showed Hang retaliating against the students, swinging her shoes in the air and chasing them around the classroom.

The Son Duong District People’s Committee reported that the incident happened on Nov. 29.

According to reports, when the music class began, some students requested to leave class, but Hang refused.

She and the students then began arguing.

When the class ended and Hang moved to another class to teach, a group of students followed her, throwing insults, as shown in clips uploaded to Facebook.

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