Super Junior member eats 12 bowls of pho in three days

By Ha Thu   October 21, 2023 | 08:54 pm PT
Super Junior member eats 12 bowls of pho in three days
From left to right: Super Junior L.S.S. members Shindong, Siwon and Leeteuk. Photo courtesy of Super Junior L.S.S.
Singer Siwon of K-pop band Super Juinor called himself “Siwon Pho” during a HCMC show after eating 12 bowls of pho in three days.

Siwon revealed to the fans at the show on Saturday night that he came to Vietnam three days ago and had mostly lived on pho.

Group frontman Leeteuk joked on stage: "Siwon is sweating because he has had 12 bowls of pho".

Siwon replied: "You guys must think this is a joke, but I had two bowls this morning, two for lunch, four yesterday and two more in Nha Trang."

Another member Shindong said Siwon should open a pho shop, while Lee Teuk called him "Mr Pho".

"My name is Siwon Pho," the 37-year-old singer said.

Aside from performing, Siwon has come to Vietnam as an ambassador for UNICEF. He had Vietnamese coffee in Hanoi.

Meanwhile, Shindong showed love for the Vietnamese sandwiches known as banh mi.

"I’m addicted to banh mi. I had one this morning and I’ll have another after the show. Banh mi is so good you guys," he said.

Shindong admitted he does not usually like eating vegetables in South Korea but found them delicious in Vietnam.

Before the show, Leeteuk also posted photos of Vietnamese rolls and pho on his Instagram, as well as a video of him eating banh mi after the performance.

The trip are members of Super Juinor L.S.S., formed in 2022. It is the sixth subgroup of Super Junior, which first burst onto the scene in 2005. The trio said that this was the first time that they have performed live as Super Juinor L.S.S.

During the performance. Leeteuk slipped on stage while dancing, injuring his arm.

In addition to Super Junior L.S.S, the show also featured other K-pop artists such as Chanyeol of EXO, Park Ji Hoon of Wanna One, C.I.X, and DJ Raiden. The show will end on Sunday night with performances from iKON and Kang Daniel.

Other South Korean artists have shown love for Vietnamese cuisine on their visit to HCMC. In a fan meeting on Saturday, actor Lee Jong-suk said he was on a diet but still had two bowls of pho, while GOT7 member Bambam was in love with banh trang tron (rice paper salad). He also wants to try more exotic dishes like balut and blood pudding.

Siwon shows love for pho on stage during a show on October 22, 2023. Video by VnExpress/Ha Thu

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