Michelle Reis faces eight ‘family rules’ after marrying Hong Kong billionaire's heir

By Nguyen Huong   February 14, 2024 | 05:33 am PT
Michelle Reis faces eight ‘family rules’ after marrying Hong Kong billionaire's heir
Former actress and Miss Hong Kong Michelle Reis (R) and her business tycoon husband Xu Jinheng at her birthday party in 2019. Photo courtesy of her Weibo
Former actress and Miss Hong Kong, Michelle Reis, reportedly follows eight "family guidelines" after marrying Xu Jinheng, heir to real estate billionaire Hui Sai Fun, a claim she denies.

Upon her 2008 marriage to Xu Jinheng, it was rumored she agreed to an eight-point "family code," according to Sinchew.

Sinchew detailed the alleged first rule: she is strictly prohibited from overnight stays at her parents' home unless absolutely necessary.

Additionally, she was expected to dine at home at least twice weekly and was required to cease her acting career.

The guidelines supposedly mandated decorous behavior and the avoidance of attire deemed too revealing, along with a prohibition on overtly emotional displays in public.

One purported rule involved her kneeling to serve tea during significant family ceremonies.

She was also expected to maintain a discreet presence and limit public discourse.

As speculation regarding these rules spread across Hong Kong's media landscape, Reis publicly denied their existence, describing her in-laws as progressive.

She contended, "Had these rules been real, I wouldn't have married. Why would I subject myself to such conditions?"

In defiance, the actress shared swimsuit photographs, flaunting her figure.

After a decade and a half of marriage, their union has produced a son, Jayden, and the trio resides in a lavish mansion.

Reis, 53, a renowned figure in Hong Kong, captured the titles of Miss Chinese International Pageant and Miss Hong Kong in 1988, propelling her to fame as an actress in the 1990s.

Xu Jinheng, grandson of Hong Kong's shipping magnate Xu Aizhou, is recognized as the sole third-generation successor of the Xu dynasty.

According to Orientaldaily, his grandfather amassed a legacy valued at around US$5.4 billion.

Sohu, a Chinese media outlet, notes that Xu Jinheng was born to his father at age 48, enjoying the profound affection of his family.

His romantic entanglements include relationships with celebrities Carina Lau and Pansy Ho, the latter being the progeny of casino mogul Stanley Ho.

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