Inheritance equally divided among siblings while I alone take care of parents

June 30, 2024 | 03:20 pm PT
Inheritance equally divided among siblings while I alone take care of parents
Children might not always be satisfied when parents distribute inheritance equally. Illustration photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
I was the only one caring for my father on his deathbed, yet my mother insisted that the family house be shared equally among us six siblings.

During my father’s final days when he was severely ill and frail, no one else but me was there for him. My spouse and I took turns nursing him at the time.

I live together with my parents to make caregiving more convenient. I am not the eldest or the youngest. My income was also the lowest among my siblings. While others married early and moved out to their own homes, my spouse and I were the only ones staying behind with my elderly parents.

Yet, recently, my mother called and asked me to assess the market value of the house we currently live in. She demanded that if I wanted to stay in the house, my spouse and I had to divide the value into six equal portions and pay the corresponding amount to my siblings.

Honestly, while I did not think of inheritance when I chose to take care of my parents, I cannot say I was not upset to hear this. Nonetheless, I told myself that taking care of elderly parents is a source of happiness and that there are people who no longer have parents to care for.

I try to reassure myself and my spouse to not be too bothered by this unfairness. Indeed, people should not show favoritism when passing down houses and properties. Ultimately, how inheritance is distributed is solely up to the parents.

My advice to those in similar situations is to calmly accept reality and not harbor resentment. Consider caring for elderly parents as a pleasure or a duty.

How would you feel if you were tasked with more responsibilities but receive the same amount of inheritance?

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