Chinese sex symbol Liu Yuxin's Hollywood home burglarized, everything stolen

By Nguyen Huong   February 21, 2024 | 09:46 pm PT
Chinese actress and model Liu Yuxin, widely recognized as a sex symbol, has said that her Los Angeles residence was burglarized recently, resulting in the loss of all her possessions.

The 36-year-old celebrity garnered attention on the Chinese lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu, where she expressed shock upon returning home from a trip to find her house in disarray.

According to Liu, despite employing a high-security system, she fell prey to the burglary, emphasizing her concerns about the perceived lack of public security in the U.S. city.

She highlighted the prevalence of robberies, even mentioning instances of break-ins into people’s safes and cabinets. Liu lamented the apparent limitations of law enforcement, stating that when the police do respond, they often go through procedural motions and record statements without providing effective solutions, according to Sinchew.

Liu Yuxin posts photo of her burglarized house in the U.S. Photo from Weibo

Liu Yuxin posts photo of her burglarized house in the U.S. Photo from Weibo

Sharing her perspective on safeguarding one’s possessions, Liu suggested the best approach is to invest in insurance, keep guard dogs, stay home throughout the year, and acquire the knowledge of self-defense using firearms.

The actress, who has resided in the affluent Beverly Hills area in recent years, occasionally returning to mainland China while limiting her involvement in showbiz activities, dispelled rumors about holding a U.S. green card.

She clarified that her move to the U.S. stemmed from a desire to change her life environment after grappling with depression.

Chinese actress and model Liu Yuxin. Photo from Weibo

Chinese actress and model Liu Yuxin. Photo from Weibo

Born in 1988 and hailing from Hunan Province, Liu graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in China and has played notable roles, including a princess in the movie Hua Mulan and another princess in the TV series Scarlet Heart.

Her recent work includes a role in the TV series "Three Lives Three Worlds: The Pillow Book". Known for her stunning physique, particularly her prominent bust, Liu earned the title of Cbiz’s "super bust."

Despite a previous marriage to a wealthy Chinese businessman, which resulted in a daughter before ending in divorce due to her husband’s infidelity, Liu has continued her career.

She briefly adopted the name Liu Yuefei, but has consistently used Liu Yuxin and her English name, Yoyo.
Additionally, Liu has ventured into producing in the U.S., as reported by AsiaOne.

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