Chinese actor Wang Dong beats wife, neglects daughter

By Nguyen Huong   February 21, 2024 | 06:38 pm PT
Chinese actor Wang Dong has openly admitted to engaging in domestic violence against his 23-year-old wife and neglecting his daughter during the Lunar New Year holidays.

The 46-year-old actor, well-known for his role in the movie "Diamond Lover", took to his Weibo account to confess his actions, stating, "I confess to domestic violence. When I make a mistake, I must admit it."

In a video clip, Wang Dong shared a recording of an argument with his wife, known as Annepple, citing her erratic temper and baseless suspicions as contributing factors, according to Ifeng.

Chinese actor Wang Dong. Photo from Weibo

Chinese actor Wang Dong. Photo from Weibo

His wife had previously gone online before the Lunar New Year, expressing dire circumstances in her life, including the lack of a home, food, and resorting to seeking help from a shelter. Despite her pleas, Wang Dong refused to provide accommodation for his wife and child, accusing her of using their child as leverage against him.

The couple’s tumultuous relationship has a history dating back to 2022 when the wife initially accused Wang Dong of domestic violence, providing video evidence on her social media account.

Although the two announced a sudden reconciliation in July 2023, appearing together in front of the camera, the tension resurfaced, leading to their recent public fallout.

Responding to media inquiries, Wang Dong’s wife revealed that she had initially created a video for reconciliation with her husband mainly for the sake of their daughter. However, she claimed that Wang Dong’s behavior had recently worsened, and he frequently disappeared without taking responsibility.

Wang Dong, known for his roles in "Diamond Lover" (2015), "Meteor Garden" (2018), "Storm Eye" (2021), and "The Blue Whisper" (2022), has been through three marriages.

His current marriage to Annepple began in 2021, marking a troubled union marred by publicized domestic issues.

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