Actress Thuy Pham dies at 34 due to traffic accident

By Phong Kieu   January 31, 2024 | 11:01 pm PT
Vietnamese actress Thuy Pham has passed away as a result of a traffic accident when her motorcycle collided with a truck in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong.
Actress Thuy Pham. Photo from Thuy Phams Facebook

Actress Thuy Pham. Photo from Thuy Pham's Facebook

The actress was returning home Wednesday after finishing her role in the film "Hanh Phuc Bi Danh Cap" (The Stolen Happiness) in Da Lat, the capital of Lam Dong, as said by director-actress Hong Anh, Thuy’s fellow actor, to NgoiSao.

Upon receiving the devastating news, the production team halted filming and gathered to express their sympathies to her bereaved family.

"Life is so fleeting, my dear sister, it feels like it was just yesterday [when we were together]!" expressed Hong Anh on her Facebook page, sharing her grief. "The sight of your elderly parents in tears deeply saddens me."

She noted that the news was "absolutely heart-wrenching."

Other friends and colleagues of Thuy Pham, including actress Kieu Trinh, actress Ho Bich Tram, director Nham Minh Hien, actress Hoai An, and actress Ngoc Lan, have also shared their condolences.

Born Pham Thi Thu Thuy, Thuy Pham began her career as a model. She earned a bronze medal in the 2013 Vietnam Supermodel contest and appeared in numerous fashion shows before transitioning to acting.

She featured in several TV dramas, including "Hoa Cuc Vang Trong Bao" (Golden Daisies in the Storm), "Hoa Hong Thep" (Steel Roses), and "Tham Do" (Red Carpet).

Her funeral took place Thursday at her family home in Lam Dong.

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