Actor Lee Lung Kei, 74, cries at 37-year-younger fiancée’s trial for visa overstay

By Nhu Anh   April 16, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
74-year-old Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei, famed for his role in “The Condor Heroes,” was moved to tears during the trial of his 37-year-old fiancée Chris Wong, who faced charges related to residency law violations.
Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei (L) and his fiancée Chris Wong. Photo from Wong’s Instagram

Hong Kong actor Lee Lung Kei (L) and his fiancée Chris Wong. Photo from Wong’s Instagram

As reported by HK01, Lee attended the proceedings at Shatin Magistrates’ Courts on Tuesday to see Wong respond to the questions posed by the court.

The actor resorted to using his clothing to dry his tears when police led Wong into the courtroom. He also mentioned to the press that he had stayed up all night before Wong’s court appearance.

Throughout the trial, the actor remained visibly distraught, especially as Wong faced an additional allegation of working during her unauthorized stay in Hong Kong. The court decided against granting Wong bail and set the next session for May 28.

Originally from mainland China, Wong was apprehended on Feb. 19 and subsequently charged with document forgery, illicit entry into Hong Kong, and exceeding her tourist visa stay.

Lee has made daily trips to the Tai Lam Center for Women, where Wong was detained, to visit her since her arrest and has even cleared his schedule in March to support her.

"I don’t feel it’s hard or tiring at all," he stated, as per Mp Weekly’s report. "Canceling work is not a big deal, since the most important thing is her [Wong’s] well-being, money is just external."

He has pledged to marry Wong post-release and has revealed that he considered moving to mainland China should she be deported.

The duo, who initially met when Lee was 66, aimed to wed by the end of 2023, but the passing of Wong’s father delayed their plans.

Wong is also confronting accusations including the exchange of sexual favors for money and deception. Skeptics have questioned her claims of a wealthy upbringing and educational background, alleging they were fabricated to attract support from rich patrons.

Nonetheless, Lee stands by her, refuting claims that Wong’s interest in him is financially motivated. He confessed that his real estate is registered in his ex-wife’s name, leaving him with scant cash resources.

Lee, apart from his role in "The Condor Heroes," is renowned for his performances in "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer," "Journey to the West," and "Forensic Heroes."

He is a father to three children from a marriage in the 1970s, all of whom are older than Wong.

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