Vietnamese TV firm faces questions after cutting foreign channels

By Phan Anh   April 4, 2018 | 01:56 am PT
Vietnamese TV firm faces questions after cutting foreign channels
VTVCab abruptly cuts 22 foreign channels, prompting the Ministry of Industry and Trade to demand an explanation.
22 international channels bit the dust on Sunday, sparking uproar from clients.

Vietnam's trade ministry has asked a local cable network company to explain why it has cut off 22 foreign channels after a backlash from disgruntled customers.

The Vietnam Competition Authority (VCA), under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, has asked VTVCab to account for its decision to remove 22 foreign channels from its broadcasting service on Sunday without notifying customers. Among the removed were HBO, BBC Earth, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic and Disney Channel.

Bui Huy Nam, director of VTVCab, said the switch was part of VTVCab’s content strategy to adapt its programs on multiple platforms.

“We’ve researched our customers’ tastes and received valuable feedback for our updated programs," he said.

The company's move has been slammed by angry customers.

“I didn't receive any notification from VTVCab regarding the change,” said Tuyet Loan, a customer from Hanoi. “I signed the contract. If there’s any alteration to the list of programs, the company is supposed to inform and explain it to me,” she said, as reported by Thanh Nien.

“If VTVCab has violated consumer rights, we will take action in accordance with Vietnamese law,” the VCA said.

This isn’t the first time customers have had beef with the cable company. Just last June, VTVCab suspended broadcasts of several foreign sports channels, saying it was trying to give more airtime to local channels.

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