Vietnamese optimistic about economic prospects in 2017: survey

By VnExpress   January 5, 2017 | 12:24 am PT
The country ranked fifth in the economic optimism index, only behind Ghana, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast and India.

Vietnam has been listed among the world’s most optimistic countries for economic prosperity this year by global market research group WIN/Gallup.

The country ranked fifth in the economic optimism index compiled by WIN/Gallup, after Ghana, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast and India.

A survey of 700 respondents from Vietnam’s two largest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, revealed that 59 percent are optimistic about the 2017 economic outlook, 12 percent are pessimistic and the rest believe it will remain unchanged.

Net optimism (the gap between optimism and pessimism) stood at 47 percent, significantly higher than neighboring countries like Thailand (9 percent), Indonesia (17 percent) and the Philippines (38 percent).

This year, Vietnam has set a goal of 6.7 percent GDP growth, higher than the 6.21 percent reached in 2016.

Many Vietnamese economists say that the goal is in sight thanks to institutional reforms and improvements to the export and foreign investment sectors.

However, the country also faces challenges such as slow growth in a number of key sectors and high lending interest rates.

The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have forecast that Vietnam’s GDP growth will hit 6.3 percent this year, while the International Monetary Fund predicts it will rise by 6.2 percent.

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