Vietnamese company aims to conquer cybersecurity for Chinese e-vehicles

By Thy An   May 8, 2024 | 04:00 am PT
Recognizing that as the electric vehicle (EV) industry evolves, so does the complexity of cybersecurity needs, Vietnamese cybersecurity startup VinCSS has allocated resources to research to capture these lucrative markets.

A groundbreaking collaboration between Vietnamese VinCSS and GoGoByte from China has been marked after they signed an MoU to spearhead the development and deployment of state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions for the EV market in China, Vietnam, and beyond.

Combining GoGoByte’s innovative technologies and strategic position in China with VinCSS's expertise in global security standards, this partnership aims to establish new benchmarks in automotive security.

The collaboration will focus on the development and implementation of a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity products and services tailored for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to secure connected car ecosystems from potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring that the pace of technological innovation in the EV sector does not surpass the security measures protecting it.

VinCSS and GoGoByte’s representatives at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

VinCSS and GoGoByte’s representatives at the signing ceremony. Photo courtesy of VinCSS

Additionally, these efforts will adhere to global regulations and market standards, reinforcing the commitment to international compliance.

According to Jun Li, CEO of GoGoByte, connected car security is a common challenge faced by the global automotive industry.

The partnership with VinCSS aligns well with the company's mission to deliver security products and solutions domestically and globally, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards the international market.

"VinCSS accumulates rich practical experience from an OEM's perspective. The partnership will not only help us provide better service to our customers but also act as a bridge between the Chinese and Vietnamese automotive security industries," he added.

On the other hand, Tin T. Nguyen, Director of the Automotive Cybersecurity Division at VinCSS, said that this partnership with GoGoByte marks strategic progress in allowing VinCSS to dive deeper into the rapidly growing Chinese EV market.

"GoGoByte is an ideal partner in that they are uniquely positioned, so both teams can benefit from providing complimentary support for the growth of the Chinese EV market," said Nguyen.

The strategic partnership not only signifies a significant step towards securing China's automotive future but also highlights the collaborative efforts required to address the complex challenges of automotive cybersecurity in a globally connected era.

China's EV industry has significantly grown, with 6.9 million EVs purchased in the past year, making it the largest global EV market and outstripping Europe's 5 million and North America's 2.3 million.

Vietnam’s market is still in its early stages of EV adoption, but with great potential with the rapid growth and expansion of a new homegrown global OEMs.

Vietnam has seen the sprouting of Tier 1 and 2 suppliers, engineering firms, and security teams to support that growth and to join the global EV trend.

Established in 2018, VinCSS is a pioneering technology startup in the cybersecurity industry, specializing in passwordless authentication, IT and IoT security, and automotive cybersecurity.

Automotive cybersecurity is at the core of the company’s offerings. It provides cybersecurity assessment and evaluation services based on international regulations, conducts penetration testing, and develops robust security frameworks, all implemented by an internationally accredited team of experts.

VinCSShas already supported one EV maker in achieving the U.N.’s R155 and R156 certifications for five car models in less than two years.

Established in 2020 and headquartered in Beijing, GoGoByte is a top-tier provider of automotive security solutions that target vehicles's full-lifecycle cybersecurity.

The company has earned global recognition for its advanced penetration testing, the innovative DefenseWeaver TARA platform, and the GoGoBark suite of security tools.

Powered by a team of veteran researchers and ethical hackers adept in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity, the company has made significant contributions to the field, with presentations at leading conferences like HITB, Blackhat, and DEFCON and publications on automotive and hardware security.

GoGoByte's team has earned recognition from industry leaders such as BMW, Huawei, Xiaomi, NXP, General Motors, and others for its proactive role in identifying and resolving high-risk vulnerabilities in IoT products, particularly connected cars.

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