VIB introduces easy, secure, private payment via Apple Pay

By Thy An   March 5, 2024 | 07:00 pm PT
Apple Pay is now available with the VIB Mastercards, bringing to card holders an easier, safer and more secure way to pay.

Each Apple Pay transaction takes a few seconds and is done in just three simple steps. Beyond that, facial recognition (FaceID) technology will enhance security and privacy for cardholders.

"Now, customer can easily pay for everything you love, from everyday purchases like groceries and coffee, to online shopping and travel, using just your Apple devices," a VIB’s representative said.

VIB’s Apple Pay transaction is completed on an iPhone. Photo courtesy of VIB

VIB’s Apple Pay transaction is completed on an iPhone. Photo courtesy of VIB

Apple Pay leverages tokenization to safeguard credit and debit card information. Upon adding a credit or debit card to Apple Pay, the actual card number remains undisclosed; it is neither retained on the device nor Apple's servers.

A distinct device account number is created, encrypted, and safely stored on the user's device. Each transaction is authorized using a unique, dynamic security code.

With Apple Pay now available on VIB Mastercard, users can expect a multitude of benefits, most notably the top-tier easy, secure, and private payment features that Apple provides, ensuring the protection of personal information, transaction data, and credit/debit card details.

Tuong Nguyen, Head of the Card Strategy and Operation Center at VIB, said that they bring contactless payment methods via Apple Pay to customers based on their understanding, grasping the needs of customers, and offering financial solutions that suit their modern lifestyle.

"With Apple Pay, VIB Mastercard cardholders enjoy a seamless and trustworthy payment experience every day," she said.

VIB Mastercard cardholders can now easily add Apple Pay to their Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Apple Watch. This can be done by adding their VIB Mastercard through either the Apple Wallet app on their devices or the MyVIB app, and enjoying the ease of paying anytime, anywhere.

Getting started takes just a few simple steps. First, customers should open the Apple Wallet app on their Apple devices, tap the "+" icon on the top right corner, or access their Mastercard card on the MyVIB app, and click the "Add to Apple Wallet" button right below the card image.

Then, they should scan or enter the VIB Mastercard information. They will not to go through this if they start via MyVIB in Step 1.

Next step is to follow the on-screen instructions, make the VIB card the default card, and they are all set to use Apple Pay.

VIB is now offering a VND50,000 cashback for the first Apple Pay transaction of at least VND100,000. The promotion is valid until May 5.

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