Techcombank Quang Trung: a building for the future

By Thy An   October 14, 2023 | 10:00 pm PT
Techcombank's new headquarters in Hanoi, considered a synergy of history and modernity, was designed by Foster + Partners and envisioned as an urban architectural emblem on the capital’s skyline.

Hanoi's architectural heritage, derived from its colonial French past, has always stood out as a beacon of Indochinese aesthetics.

Today, this intricate blend of timeless tradition and contemporary design is reborn in the Foster + Partners design for the Techcombank Quang Trung Tower.

"The opening of our new head office is an important milestone for Techcombank in our 30th anniversary year. The new Techcombank Tower is a world-class financial building in a prime location in the business district of Hanoi that will instill pride in our people and bring us closer to our customers," said Jens Lottner, CEO of Techcombank.

A synergy of history and modernity

In 1923, when visionary architect Ernest Hebrad unveiled his designs for Indochina University, now the General University of Hanoi, little did he know that he had pioneered a design ethos that would inspire myriad architectural endeavors in Indochina and beyond.

A century later, the whirlwind of urbanization transformed Hanoi's architectural landscape into a more industrial one, with skyscrapers jostling for space.

Foster + Partners has breathed life back into the city's architectural tapestry with the Techcombank Quang Trung Headquarters.

Much like Hebrard, when tasked by Techcombank's board to design the Techcombank Quang Trung Tower, Lord Foster's team dedicated immense time to understanding Hanoi's architectural style and its rich cultural and historical tapestry.

The tower embodies a synergy of history and modernity, infusing cutting-edge technology with the city's cultural essence, said Ho Anh Ngoc, vice chairman of Techcombank's Board.

The tower's facade evokes the quintessential Trang An-Tonkin culture with its harmonious blend of earthy gold and brown hues and woven motifs.

These motifs reinterpret the iconic wooden lattice doors set against golden walls, reminiscent of the city's storied alleys. The ambient golden glow emanating from the tower evokes the Art Deco style of French villas from Hanoi's 1930s and 1940s.

The height of the initial block, up to the sixth level, was meticulously calculated to match the average height of buildings in central Hanoi.

A masterstroke that ensures Techcombank's modern edifice resonates with the old quarter's historic charm.

Pushing the boundaries in sustainability

Crafted by the architects at Foster + Partners, the interior design of the building mirrors Hanoi's communal culture, showcasing its unique blend of the contemporary and the traditional with theme "Future in the Old Town Tradition."

Beyond its traditional inflections, the Techcombank Quang Trung Tower stands out with its state-of-the-art interior workspace, designed for utmost convenience and functionality.

The office boasts flexible workspaces, including open-plan meeting areas and private rooms of varying sizes, designed to optimize team collaboration and foster creativity.

Floors one through four present an airy, open-plan space bathed in natural light. This space boasts a system of escalators and glass balustrades, interspersed with numerous seating areas. Such a layout encourages spontaneous meetings and free-flowing exchanges among colleagues in a relaxed setting.

On the seventh floor, designated as the canteen level, outdoor seating amid lush greenery offers views of Hanoi's historic streets.

This unique design element allows Techcombank staff to momentarily step back from their work and recharge.

"The Techcombank Tower embodies our vision to 'Change Banking, Change Lives' by bringing together outstanding design and modern technology to empower our employees through new ways of working and by pushing the boundaries in sustainability," Lottner said.

Workspace for top talent

Techcombank’s new headquarters offers employees an open and collaborative working environment comparable with modern buildings in other global financial centers and reflects the bank’s strong commitment to creating the best working conditions for its people.

In 2022 and 2023, Techcombank became the first Vietnamese bank to run Overseas Talent Roadshows when it visited Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia to recruit Vietnamese-born talents to return to the country and join the bank.

Techcombank’s people strategy always aims to unlock the full potential of its employees and encourage their determination to "Be Greater."

"We believe that offering a working environment that facilitates our employees' development and which they would expect if working in Singapore, London, Sydney, or Silicon Valley will help encourage overseas top talent to join Techcombank," added Lottner.

In September 2023, Techcombank became the first and only Vietnamese bank to be named in the top 11 of the "Best Workplaces in Asia 2023" by the Great Place to Work, a leading global organization that assesses workplace culture.

Techcombank recently honored as Great Place To Work in Vietnam 2023. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

Techcombank recently honored as Great Place To Work in Vietnam 2023. Photo courtesy of Techcombank

This international recognition is a testament to Techcombank's relentless efforts on its 30-year journey of development to invest in its people and create a working environment and culture that empowers employees to achieve their full potential.

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