Solar power speeds up approaching household sector

July 22, 2018 | 10:00 pm PT
SolarBK is offering integrated and warranted rooftop solar PV systems which can help save households' utility cost with an affordable price for home owners.

For 5 months, Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga in Phu Nhuan District has been using a 3kWp rooftop solar photovoltaic system called BigKilowatt. The system saved 30 percent on her electricity cost and increased her income by selling electricity back to the national power grid.

BigKilowatt is the latest solution of SolarBK Holdings, supplying to the households an alternative energy solution accompanied by quality warranty and a third party's insurance.

Nguyen Tuan Hung - Head of Community Outreach Department, EVN Ho Chi Minh stated that after the 11/2017/QĐ-TTg announcement released in April 2017 to encourage solar energy projects in Vietnam, this market thrives with attendance of several solar power investors. The household sector is, however, slightly behind as raising consumers’ awareness of renewable energy and its effect demands more time, while waiting EVN to complete contracts and 2-way electric power meter installation process for household consumers.

"From 9/2017 to 5/2018, the number of families using solar power systems has increased 2.7 times. There is no operating expense for solar power while maintaining cost is comparatively low. Up to now, there are 284 customers installed the grid-tied solar system, who registered to resell the surplus amount to power nation grid with  total capacity of 3.64MWp", said Nguyen Tuan Hung.

Nguyen Vu Nguyen, Operation director of SolarGates - the official distributor of BigKilowatt gives an example, a household who pays 1.6 million dong for monthly electric bill can use a 2 kWp solar plan to save 30 percent on their electricicty cost.

"With the solar panel installation price of 23.000 VND per Wp (VAT included), the customer can get payback within 5 years, taken into account of the power price growth", said Nguyen.

Nguyen Vu Nguyen, Operation director of SolarGates presented in BigKilowatts product launching event.

Nguyen Vu Nguyen, Operation director of SolarGates presented in BigKilowatt's product launching event.

In terms of quality, BigKilowatt contains IREX solar panels which satisfied international certifications by TUV, UL and an automatic controlling system called SSOC, exclusively developed by SolarBK. Along with automatically monitoring the amount of power produced daily and sending out alerts, collecting and measuring data in each system facilitates SolarBK’s improvement in product quality as well as warranty policy.

"Thanks to SolarBK’s complete value chain, especially owning IREX manufacturing factory with huge capacity, we are able to keep developing BigKilowatt, our solar energy plan, with improved quality, technology, and price as well, which is 30% more competitive than it used to be", said Nguyen.

Following hundreds of completed projects with more than 20 installations at power companies, other works of SolarBK fulfill the contract of installing 2-way power meter ensuring they all satisfy electrical safety rules.

To raise customer’s trust, the firm guarantees high output by an insurance company. While there's no one-size-fits-all solar solution, consumers can calculate to get realistic statistics to find out a suitable plan for their household by using the company's online tool. This tool was developed under finance experts' inspection based on current power price.

Solar power installation saves up to 30% monthly bill.

Solar power installation saves up to 30% monthly bill.

For the long term, the Vietnamese solar power firm indicates to be EVN's companion in spreading solar power in Vietnam in order to accomplish its goal after 12 years founded and developed.

The firm now offers extra 10% off to customers who install BigKilowatt at the nearest power company, applied in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong until September 28th. SolarBK is still working with other power corporations to expand the program nationwide.

Anh Nguyen

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