Shinhan Life's social initiatives for sustainable development

By Phong Van   June 19, 2023 | 12:30 am PT
With the mission of “Bring Wonders to Life”, Shinhan Life focuses simultaneously on business development and social responsibility to improve the quality of life of Vietnamese people.

Investing in children, the nation’s future generation is the emphasis of the community projects that Shinhan Life has been, and will be implementing in the near future.

Accompany underprivileged youngsters toward better future

Corporate social responsibility initiatives are always among Shinhan Life's priorities in Vietnam, according to Bae Seung Jun, its deputy general director.

"We want to contribute to the sustainable development of future generations, not only by providing basic necessities, but also by creating conditions in which they can develop comprehensively, take control of their lives, and contribute to society as useful citizens."

Shinhan Life has undertaken a number of educational programs for underprivileged youths right from its first year of operation in Vietnam.

Students of SOS Childrens Village and BNJ in the iLead enhancement trainning program. Photo by Shinhan Life

Students of SOS Children's Village and BNJ in the iLead enhancement training program. Photo by Shinhan Life

Recently Shinhan Life tied up with BNJ Vietnam to implement the iLead education program for teenagers at SOS Children's Village Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.

The program offered training in the values of leadership for children in the village aged 15 to 25.

Under the program, children could discover and develop themself, and enhance their self-leadership qualities, thereby increasing their capacity to integrate into society and the job market with ease.

The iLead education program is a long-term community project, started in 2023 and to last until 2025, at SOS Children's Villages Vietnam in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

As part of a series of community initiatives to support education, Shinhan Life Vietnam donated 15 computers and money for the Community Medicine Cabinet to the SOS Children's Village Hanoi last year worth a total of almost VND300 million (US$12,750).

Along with many charity programs, sharing with children in difficult circumstances

In addition to running long-term educational programs for young people, Shinhan Life has also contributed to charity activities to help disadvantaged children get medical care at hospitals.

In 2022, the company donated a total of VND300 million to fund treatment for pediatric patients in difficult circumstances being treated at the Clinical Hematology Department at HCMC Children's Hospital. The timely assistance of hospital fees has contributed to helping the children return to normal life.

Shinhan Life Vietnam’s representatives visited child patients in Hematology department, City Children Hospital, HCMC

Shinhan Life Vietnam representatives visited child patients in the hematology department, HCMC Children’s Hospital. Photo by Shinhan Life

On the occasion of International Children's Day this year, directors and staff of the company visited and gave gifts to pediatric patients at Children's Hospital 2, Ho Chi Minh City.

The company donated 1,300 lunch sets to patients and their families and 200 gifts to children being treated at the hospital's oncology department. In 2022, the company's executives and staff also visited the hospital and gave gifts to the child patients on holidays.

Shinhan Life Vietnam’s representatives of the Board of Directors and staff visited and presented to children at Childrens Hospital 2, HCMC on the occasion of International Childrens Day June 1st

Shinhan Life Vietnam directors and staff visited the Children's Hospital 2 in HCMC on the occasion of International Children's Day, June 1, and gave gifts to patients. Photo by Shinhan Life

One of the community programs that Shinhan Life has garnered positive feedbacks from parents is a campaign to give away more than 50,000 free Shinhan - An Binh blood cancer insurance policies, one of its products since coming to the Vietnamese market.

Thousands of families across Vietnam have received the Shinhan - An Binh insurance policy for free, safeguarding the future of their kids. In the event a child is diagnosed with blood cancer, it offers financial assistance of up to VND100 million.

With the mission of "A Better World through Finance" from Shinhan Financial Group and a sustainable development strategy in Vietnam, Shinhan Life is making efforts to implement community activities, in parallel with fostering the development of a diversified product portfolio and distribution network, to bring life insurance closer to every Vietnamese family.

"Shinhan Life is making efforts to carry out community activities simultaneously with the development of a diverse product portfolio and distribution network, to bring life insurance closer to every Vietnamese family," a representative of Shinhan Life said.

"The company is step by step realizing its commitment to improving people’s quality of life, contributing to the sustainable development of the future generations of Vietnam and the prosperous growth of the country."

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