Saigon and flooding: A match made in hell

By Duy Tran   September 18, 2016 | 03:00 pm PT
Saigon and flooding: A match made in hell.

The flooding problem that the city has been grappling with for years once again came under the spotlight on Sunday afternoon, when a two-hour heavy downpour overpowered the sewers.

VnExpress reporters managed to capture the struggle of many people when they had to wade inundated streets to get home.

Many downtown districts were turned into waterways as heavy rains were accompanied by high ties.

“The street in front of my house was half a meter under water. Sewer workers had to open a manhole to drain the water faster,” said Nguyen Trong Hung.

After the downpour, which started at 4 p.m., a large strip of the city was under water, particularly low and flood-prone spots in District 2, 7, 8 and Binh Thanh.

Vehicles stuck in the floodwaters struggled to keep their engines running. Those who managed to stay dry would then have to face another nightmare: post-rain traffic jams.

Some parents had to abandon their vehicles and waddled through the water to pick up their children.

“I have no choice but to walk through floodwaters and carry my child on my back. Whenever it rains, this road is submerged. I just got used to it,” said a father of a primary student.

On a positive note, the heavy downpour meant some extra bucks for motorbike repair shops.

A shop owner said just over two hours, he fixed more than 20 motorbikes for VND400,000 ($18) each.

According to the city’s flood control authorities, inundation will continue to be a problem for a while during high tides.












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