Okxe starts selling new motorbikes in Vietnam

By Phong Van   May 25, 2023 | 01:00 am PT
After a year of selling used motorbikes, the first Okxe motorbike service station in Ho Chi Minh City has started selling new motorbikes using the Online to Offline (O2O) model.

In a recent sale of new motorbikes, the products introduced by Okxe to consumers were 100% new Piaggio and Vespa scooter models.

The very first customers to complete the payment at Okxe Motorbike Service Station in Ho Chi Minh City in May have the opportunity to receive a cashback offer, gift sets, and other support policies. More information on Piaggio and Vespa promotions can be found at this link.

Operated through the O2O business model, Okxe's stores combine smart applications with services to support buying and selling motorbikes quickly and conveniently at the service station. The services include vehicle quality inspection, appraisal, price consultation, consignment, and sales negotiation.

The first OKXE motorbike service station in Ho Chi Minh City has been operating since May 2022. Photo by OKXE

The first Okxe motorbike service station in Ho Chi Minh City has been operating since May 2022. Photo by Okxe

Founded in 2018 with the starting point as an e-commerce platform specializing in used motorbikes, Okxe aims to connect buyers and sellers through an advanced technology platform, thereby building a community, and ensuring reliability in the motorbike market with high-quality and transparent transactions.

In May 2022, after achieving growth in the online platform, Okxe Vietnam decided to directly participate in the used motorbike trading market with the Okxe motorbike service station in HCMC.

"After five years of operation, we realized that the Vietnamese motorbike market still has a lot of potential for growth, in both primary and secondary markets. Our team also recognized a huge demand for purchasing new motorbikes," Okxe Vietnam's representative said.

Trang Vu, vice president of Okxe, said: "The accumulated technology foundation, the ability to understand customers, and a different approach are the keys to our success."

OKXE sells new motorbikes with Piaggio and Vespa scooter models. Photo by OKXE

Okxe sells new motorbikes of Piaggio and Vespa models. Photo by Okxe

Trang said the goal was to expand the motorbike service station system in 2023 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, bringing the total number of service stations and stores to 15. The two newest locations are scheduled to open in Dong Da District, Hanoi and Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. This is considered a step to lay the foundation to replicate Okxe's O2O model in Vietnam.

"Drawing from the operation of the first Motorbike Service Station, we develop a chain of stores with essential services to serve our customers most effectively," Trang said.

In addition to continuing to deploy the service of buying used motorbikes at good prices as well as selling quality used motorbikes to customers in need in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Okxe motorbike service station also supports consumers in searching and buying used motorbikes.

Users can contact the nearest Okxe motorbike service station to request a search for a suitable vehicle.

Going forward, the company will complete and improve the quality of a specialized technical department in charge of inspection, maintenance, repair, after-sales service, or motorbike care such as washing, refurbishing, etc.

From there, customers will have a complete and guaranteed experience when buying and selling motorbikes at an Okxe motorbike service station.

Other services and features will be developed in parallel with the e-commerce platform based on the available strengths of AI technology and Big Data.

A customer gets a new motorbike at OKXE station. Photo by OKXE

A customer gets a new motorbike at an Okxe station. Photo by Okxe

Okxe provides a full range of motorbike buying and selling solutions, from online to offline transactions, including used and new motorbikes, helping users to consider and choose in every demand segment with guaranteed quality and simplified procedures.

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