Now you know what many Vietnamese do on their phones: they buy stuff

By VnExpress   October 27, 2016 | 05:11 am PT
The country, where more than half of the population are online, has one of the highest rates of mobile purchasing, a global survey finds.

Nielsen’s Global Mobile Money Report has found that 46 percent of Vietnamese people have purchased goods or services on their mobile devices over the last six months.

This makes Vietnam one of the markets with the highest self-reported rates of mobile purchasing, compared to the global average of 38 percent.

Among all 63 markets surveyed, China has come on top with half of the respondents reporting online purchases.

In the last six months, 42 percent of Vietnamese respondents used mobile devices to check their bank account’s balance or the most recent transactions; 35 percent booked movie tickets, flights and hotel rooms; 33 percent paid their bill; and 31 percent transferred money.

More consumers are expected to embrace technology in the future: 39 percent said they would use mobile apps to purchase online, and 38 percent would likely to transfer money in the next six months.

The purchasing activity meant a lot to the whole retail system, said Doan Duy Khoa, director of consumer insights research at Nielsen Vietnam.

“To encourage the consumers using and adapting to the online purchasing service, the companies are required to have a deep knowledge of the purchasing behaviors and habits of the customers, and from that develop strategies that fit these behaviors and habits,” Khoa said.

Vietnam's online population as of June 30 was nearly 49 million, according to statistics compiled by Internet World Stats.

Another important finding from the Nielsen survey is that many respondents worldwide are still concerned about security when it comes to online banking and payments.

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