My uncle loses out on $12,200 for refusing to sell his yellow apricot tree

January 31, 2024 | 06:33 pm PT
My uncle loses out on $12,200 for refusing to sell his yellow apricot tree
Blossoms from an 80-year-old yellow apricot tree in Hai Phong City. Photo by VnExpress/Giang Chinh
My uncle refused to sell his yellow apricot tree for VND300 million (US$12,282), only for it to die a few months later.

"My uncle lives in the countryside with a spacious house and garden. His family's income comes from selling rice and fruits grown in his extensive garden. During his leisure time, he enjoys gardening and cultivating ornamental plants.

He had a beautiful apricot tree, which was over twenty-five years old.

Last Lunar New Year, he told me that a wealthy person offered to buy this tree for VND300 million. However, my uncle did not sell it, hoping to get a better price in a few more years to support his retirement.

Unexpectedly, a few months ago, the healthy tree suddenly began to wither and eventually died. My uncle was heartbroken, losing his appetite for months because he lost both a sentimental and precious asset.

So I advise people who grow ornamental plants to sell them as soon as there is a good offer."

Reader Nguyen Son

These are comments by other readers about the story:

Reader nguyenhung21065:

"I have been living in HCMC since my twenties. Back in my hometown, we still have a house where I planted some long-standing apricot trees. In 2005, someone offered VND25 million for one of the trees, and I sold it immediately. A few years later, I sold another for VND45 million.

After that, I planted ten more trees. These trees are now nearly 20 years old, and I sell them whenever there is a reasonable offer, even though I am not short of money.

VND300 million is a huge amount, and it is a pity your uncle lost the tree."

Reader trung1490:

"In this story, your uncle views the apricot tree as an investment rather than just a hobby. He valued the tree at more than VND300 million based on his experience and knowledge, so he did not sell it. With hindsight, it is easy to say he should have sold it immediately, but investing is inherently uncertain, with no clear right or wrong, and it is hard to predict profits and losses.

As for ornamental plants, there is always a risk, but it depends on whether you have enough knowledge and experience to mitigate those risks and increase the chances of success. Hearing your story, I guess you are not in the agricultural field and are just giving out advice based on the outcome, which makes it hard to persuade others."

Reader hongnhungpaticusi:

"This case is like investing in real estate. During a boom, someone offered VND5 billion but the owner did not sell to wait for the price to rise further.

However, when the boom period passed, no one wanted to buy the property even if the price was lowered to VND4 billion.

Another scenario is when a buyer jokingly offers an exorbitant price, but the owner takes it seriously and refuses to sell, then values the asset based on that offer and ends up with no buyers.

In reality, until the transaction is completed, that value is not real."

So what is your viewpoint on this matter?

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