My cousin wants me to inherit her land

June 23, 2024 | 03:00 pm PT
My cousin wants me to inherit her land
Family bonds should be prioritized over land and house inheritance. Illustration photo by Pexels
My cousin told me she wanted to transfer her house and a plot of land to me as her health is declining.

Seeing of the public’s recent interest in inheritance disputes reminded me of my own story. I have a cousin who is nearing 60 years old without a husband or children. When her parents passed away, I tried my best to attend their funeral despite being far away to console her as she is like an elder sister to me. Whenever I visit the hometown, I always bring my children to visit her. If she gave my child money, I would reciprocate with a box of eye supplements or diabetes medicine.

In my thoughts, I never entertain the idea of getting anything from her as she has been living alone without any source of income for over a decade. Moreover, I already have a house and a car in Hanoi, so properties and money are not my top priorities.

Last year, she mentioned that she is suffering from diabetes and impaired vision. She called me over and told me that she wanted to pass down the countryside house she lives in and a plot of land in Hai Phong City. She also wanted me to have her savings account, which had around VND500 million (US$19,640).

She said she wanted me to take care of her house, and I can do whatever I want with the land in Hai Phong. She asked me to use the savings account for the death anniversaries of our grandparents, her parents, and hers once she passed away.

Initially, I firmly refused because I did not want to take her property. However, she persisted, saying I was the only family she could turn to. Out of respect for her wishes, I reluctantly agreed. From her story, I realized that the important thing is to treat each other well and sincerely, and not worry about getting an inheritance.

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