Leaving my apartment for a house changed my life

March 7, 2024 | 12:32 am PT
Leaving my apartment for a house changed my life
Townhouses in an urban area in Hanoi's western area. Photo by VnExpress/Ngoc Thanh
My life has been much better after I escaped the elevator queue and the long walk to get to the car park that came with my previous apartment.

Reading a story shared by reader Nghin NTT a few weeks ago, I cannot help but feel the urge to share my experience, which is quite the opposite of that reader.

In his story, Nghin NTT sold his house in a tiny alley to move to an apartment because of the freedom and convenience it provides.

Seeing how he described the 20-year-old house’s deteriorating state, I can totally understand his point.

However, this perspective is usually only true for families with low income.

In these cases, houses are mainly located in very small alleys and are poorly designed with little consideration for ventilation or sunlight.

For relatively wealthy families living in modern areas or in villas with gardens in the middle of the city, surely no one would sell their house to move to an apartment, even if it is a premium one.

Personally, I have been living in an apartment for 10 years, and I acknowledge that this type of housing has advantages such as security, cleanliness, good ventilation and the absence of pests.

But there are also many limitations such as having to wait a long time for the elevator during peak hours, difficulty in carrying food or goods from the basement to the elevator and then up to my room, risks of damage and insufficient space to park your car because there are too many vehicles in the basement.

Where I live, residents have to park their cars on the road near the curbs.

This exposed the cars to sun and rain, which is very unsafe. I also have to park my car about 200 meters away from the apartment and walk home, which is truly inconvenient, especially when it rains.

So, I decided to move to the outskirts to buy land and build a house. The plot of land I bought is only 120 square meters, but it is a corner block so I can design it as a garden house.

Natural sunlight and fresh air permeate every nook and cranny of the house.

The furniture I chose is all light-colored, so there are no mosquitoes even on the ground floor.

Since escaping from my previous apartment, I truly feel happy.

No more waiting for the elevator during peak hours, no more walking 200 meters to get my car, and the quality of my life has improved significantly.

Now, even if I go to the supermarket and fill the trunk with goods, I do not have to worry about carrying heavy bags anymore because I can drive right up to the door.

My clothes, bedding, and carpets always smell fresh because they are directly exposed to sunlight.

The market, restaurants, and entertainment areas are only two or three kilometers away, so it is not a big obstacle for my family, especially since we have a car to move around.

It is also easy to travel from my house to the city center. Another important thing is that I no longer feel anxious or worried whenever I hear news about a fire breaking out at an apartment building.

In conclusion, there is no perfect type of housing. Apartments or houses each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

I dare not assert that living in a house is always better than in an apartment because it depends on each person's living needs.

If it feels suitable for you, then you should choose to live there for the long term. Do not blindly trust others' praises or criticisms only to end up shattered dreams.

So do you prefer living in an apartment unit or a house?

Reader Van

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