I gave up on inheritance after my father left everything to my sister

June 5, 2024 | 04:00 pm PT
I gave up on inheritance after my father left everything to my sister
Being excluded from inheritance can lead to harboring resentment. Illustration photo by Pixabay
I was the one who took care of my father in his final years, but he decided to secretly transfer all of his assets to my younger sister.

After reading a story shared by another reader where their parents depend on them financially but pass down their properties to their youngest brother, I found it to be quite similar to my own situation. The only difference is that I am the only son in the family, and my younger sister got the inheritance.

As the older son, I had to take care of my sister and the family throughout my childhood. It was not until I went to university that I moved away from home and no longer directly handle family matters. My parents also provided me with proper funding during my university years, something I am very grateful of.

While I was away, my father fell severely ill. Out of love for him, I took the opportunity to return home to take care of him in his final years. My father passed away shortly after and I found out that he had already transferred all his assets to my sister as soon as he knew about his illness.

Upon hearing this news, I felt quite bitter. But then, when I calmed down, I realized that I am still young and have the opportunity to earn money. In fact, I have already earned enough to buy myself a house, so there is no need to ask for my share of the inheritance. My mother has since moved in with me so I could better care for her, a task I find to be truly fulfilling.

Recently, my sister and I have been discussing about the assets our father gave her. The amount she received was beyond my imagination. My sister suggested that I take 70% of the inheritance because I had sacrificed so much to care for our elderly parents. However, I surprised myself by gently refusing the offer as I no longer feel bothered by the topic.

Perhaps now that I am able to take control of my own life, I no longer need what my father left behind. And also, even though my father did not leave me any material wealth, I am still grateful because he had given me quite a meaningful life and a loving family. For me, that is enough.

Would you be upset if you were excluded from inheritance?

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