Tradition of excluding daughters from inheritance leads to family conflicts in my hometown

By Minh Hieu   May 15, 2024 | 03:45 pm PT
Tradition of excluding daughters from inheritance leads to family conflicts in my hometown
Inheritance favoritism often leads to family conflicts. Illustration photo by Pixabay/doungtepro
It is not uncommon for parents to adhere to traditions by withholding inheritance from their daughters, often resulting in family dispute, according to stories shared by readers.

Reader Van Minh:

" In many localities, most parents only pass down their land to sons, who often live with them in their house. In these cases, it can be seen that women also indirectly receive assets passed down to their husbands. It was fine in the past because land was much cheaper (relative to income), but now that it has appreciated significantly, disputes, lawsuits, and even physical fights can occur from inheritance drama.

Hence, I think it is necessary to educate people about inheritance laws, which advocate for equal distribution. For the last four years or so, judicial officers in my hometown have been guiding village heads to disseminate information to the people and assisting them in drafting wills or passing down property early. I find this very meaningful because when parents leave behind a will and assets are divided equally between children, disputes are much less common."

Reader truongthihoa46516:

"In my hometown, daughters are always cut off from the will when they get married. They are taught not to ask for their shares because their brothers also have to get married. Like many have pointed out, the daughters indirectly receive their husbands' inheritance.

Of course, they legally have the right to demand a fair distribution. But they often receive valuable gifts and assets from the groom when they get married, so women who fight with their siblings on the matter are stigmatized and socially isolated within the village."

Reader arrowrq3411510anh:

"Sexism against women is deeply rooted in society. In my family, despite my mother's diligent care for my grandparents, she received less inheritance than my uncle due to traditional norms."

Reader Buratino:

"According to the law, parents’ property will be divided equally when there is no will. I have seen many readers saying that daughters get their shares from their husbands as an excuse for them being left out, but I think this is unreasonable. I believe that there would be far fewer conflicts if we all laid the outdated tradition to rest, but I doubt it would be anytime soon."

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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