Retailers run out of iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max in natural titanium color

By Tuan Hung   October 7, 2023 | 04:14 pm PT
Retailers run out of iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max in natural titanium color
iPhone 15 Plus in pink. Photo by VnExpress/Tuan Hung
A week after they began selling the iPhone 15, most retailers have run out of popular versions such as the Pro and Pro Max in natural titanium color.

They only have high-end variants in blue titanium in stock.

The 15 and 15 Plus in pink and blue are also selling well. According to a Shopdunk executive, the duo account for nearly 20% of total sales.

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus last year only accounted for 10% of sales.

Doan Viet Dung, CEO of Shopdunk, said: "This year the two regular versions are equipped with Dynamic Island and USB-C port like the Pro version, and so users are less hesitant to buy than last year. Pink and blue are the most popular colors, but unfortunately the first batch of supply was not abundant."

Nguyen Lac Huy, a CellphoneS executive, said: "Many people initially did not intend to buy the Plus version, but changed their mind after experiencing the demo product at the store."

Besides improvements in color and features, another reason why the Plus is selling better is its cheaper price, according to a Hoang Ha Mobile executive.

Last year the 14 Plus had a starting price of nearly VND28 million (US$1,186) while the 15 Plus was sold for VND25 million ($1,059).

Like in the past the Pro and Pro Max are still the most popular this year, but their proportion of sales has decreased slightly.

The Gioi Di Dong, FPT Shop, CellPhoneS, Shopdunk, and Hoang Ha Mobile all said the two high-end models accounted for 60-80% of their first week sales as against 80-90% in previous years.

There has not been enough supply of the Pro Max in natural titanium color.

An import executive said: "In the first batch, there were too many blue titanium Pro devices, and so most retailers had surplus supply of this color."

Sales of the new iPhone model surpassed the VND1-trillion ($42 million) mark on Sept. 29.

The Gioi Di Dong sold more than 15,000 worth VND500 billion, accounting for nearly 50% of the market.

Other retailers such as FPT Shop, CellPhoneS, ShopDunk, and Hoang Ha Mobile reported sales of 2,000-7,000 each.

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