Giant Russian agro-firm to export pork to Vietnam

By Dam Tuan   August 27, 2016 | 09:12 pm PT
Russian pork will be sizzling on Vietnamese plates next year.

Rusagro Group, one of the largest agricultural enterprises in Russia, plans to export pork to Vietnam in 2017 as part of its business expansion strategy in the Southeast Asian market.

“Vietnam has issued a license to allow Russian pork imports to the country, and we are applying for an export license. Shipments are expected to start next year,” said Maxin Basov, general director of Rusagro, without mentioning a specific volume.

Rusagro Group is among the five largest pork producers in Russia, and is also involved in the sugar, oil and fat industries. In 2015, Rusagro sold 195,200 tons of pork and accounted for six percent of its domestic meat market, according to an annual report.

Rusagro was founded in 1995 to act as an intermediary between Ukrainian sugar producers and Russian confectionary companies.


Vietnam will have more pork supplies from Russia in 2017. Photo from

Russia’s largest meat processor ABH Miratorg has also been licensed to supply poultry, pork and beef to Vietnam, according to the Vietnam Enterprise newspaper.

“With a population of about 90 million people, Vietnam holds great opportunities for us to export a variety of chilled and refrigerated meat products, especially pork and offal, to a market with high consumption demand,” said Viktor Linnik, Miratorg’s chairman.

The chairman added: “Thanks to our governments' efforts and private enterprises, Russian agricultural products will have a new market. Miratorg believes it will establish a firm position in the Vietnamese market due to our high quality products.”

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