EBOOST provides smart charging facilities for electric vehicles across Vietnam

By Diep Anh   February 21, 2023 | 09:00 pm PT
The EBOOST charging stations are integrated with high-quality equipment to provide a secure charging process.

According to Stefan Kaufmann, Founder, and CEO of EBOOST, electric vehicles are becoming the trend of modern lifestyles as they help reduce environmental pollution, which has reached an alarming level.

However, the transition from fossil fuel-powered vehicles to electric vehicles requires a convenient and accessible electric vehicle infrastructure, in which charging stations play a key role.

Stefan and his team came up with a bold idea - building the first charging solution network that is accessible for all brands of electric motorbikes and cars in Vietnam.

Eboosts charging area for electric bikes. Photo by Eboost

The EBOOST app and charging solution are in use. Photo by EBOOST

EBOOST's charging stations are designed to charge electric scooters and cars of various brands. High-quality equipment is included in the charging station to provide a secure and smooth charging process.

The solution also provides a simple and transparent process through an intuitive mobile app, making it easy for EV drivers to locate nearby charging stations. Moreover, they can actively control the charging session as well as track the charging history.

EBOOST also has a reasonable cost for its services and a subscription plan for frequent users. The APP contains a simple e-wallet top-up feature.

By 2022, EBOOST had expanded from the initial few charging stations that appeared in Ho Chi Minh City to more than 700 charging points throughout Vietnam. This number is anticipated to more than double this year with the recent addition of solutions for electric cars.

EBOOSTs charging area for electric vehicles. Photo by EBOOST

EBOOST's charging area for electric vehicles. Photo by EBOOST

EBOOST recently obtained investment from the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Facility Fund (SEACEF), which is based in Singapore and managed by Clime Capital.

"We are thrilled to support EBOOST in quickly expanding the critical resources to electrify transportation in urban centers like HCMC and Hanoi, which will provide urgent and massive CO2 mitigation when we need it the most – right now," said Mason Wallick, Chief Executive Officer at Clime Capital.

The investment in EBOOST from SEACEF will fund and accelerate the deployment of EV charging installations in Vietnam, and provide smart and reliable EV charging services to Vietnam's early EV adopters, according to the company's officials.

EBOOST is designed to charge all electric bike and car brands in order to support the entire electric mobility community’s transition in Vietnam.

"Our ultimate goal is to provide all EV users in Vietnam with peace of mind and a more sustainable and green lifestyle experience," said Stefan Kaufmann.

Contact for more details: www.eboost.vn

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