How much are Vietnamese willing to spend on Valentine's Day gifts?

By Hung Le   February 20, 2019 | 03:35 am PT
How much are Vietnamese willing to spend on Valentine's Day gifts?
Vietnamese are likely to spend $56.1 on Valentine’s Day gifts. Photo by Shutterstock/MaxbelChenko
Vietnamese are likely to spend VND1.3 million ($56.1) on Valentine’s Day gifts, a recent global survey found., a Poland-based international e-commerce company that provides discount coupons to online stores in 41 countries, said its survey found men would spend VND1.45 million ($62.56) and women, VND1.1 million. 

The survey polled 6,400 people in 38 countries where Valentine’s Day is celebrated. 

In Vietnam, 72 percent said they would be celebrating. The vast majority said they would buy gifts for their significant other (88 percent), while 6 percent would get presents for family and relatives and 3 percent for close friends.

The purchase of gifts began to pick up two weeks before the day, especially of items such as jewelry and perfume. 

By February 13 and 14 the buying was quite low.

In terms of average money spent on gifts, Vietnam ranked 25th out of the 38 countries surveyed, significantly less than Germans ($76) and Czechs ($68) but more than other Eastern European countries such as Poland ($52) and Hungary ($48).

Lovers in Ireland, Thailand and the UK topped the spending at more than $100. Indians said they would spend around $35, with the Philippines and Belarus at the bottom at $34.

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