VIAE exhibition expands global footprint of agri products

By The Dan   September 29, 2022 | 12:30 am PT
Hundreds of international businesses attended the recent VIAE exhibition, opening an opportunity for Vietnamese agricultural products to reach out to the world.

The Vietnam International Agricultural Exhibition (VIAE) is organized by The International Federation of Public Procurement Societies (IFPPS) in collaboration with VnExpress. The exhibition attracted more than 200 companies from China, Malaysia, Russia, the Philippines, Belarus and other countries, specializing in the import and export of agricultural products and machinery, fertilizers, pesticides.

Halfway through, the event has been marked by the success of the digital expo called "Vietnamese Lychees Go Global" in June, and other major events including the AgroViet fair, an agriculture forum for business connection in September.

The event is expected to expand global channels for agricultural products by connecting with domestic and international partners; promoting Vietnamese agricultural enterprises to export and scale up to Asian and Central Asian markets, laying a solid foundation for a comprehensive export promotion by 2023.

IFPPS also visited suppliers and export agents in Ben Tre, Tien Giang, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City and completed preliminary agreements with major suppliers of shrimp, basa fillets and durian worth $50 million.

"These are all high-demand products in the Chinese market," said Abert Liuu, secretary general of IFPPS.

"Procurement requirements from China Food, Guizhou Cold Chain, Tianjin Food Group Corp, Shanghai Bright Food, and other major Chinese-owned companies are all well met by Vietnamese suppliers," he added.

Abert Liuu, secretary general of IFPPS. Photo by Tung Dinh

Abert Liuu, secretary general of IFPPS. Photo by Tung Dinh

He said in 2023, IFPPS and VnExpress plan to bring Vietnamese agricultural product suppliers to China after the Chinese government relaxes regulations on Covid-19. IFPPS will also promote Vietnamese agricultural products via its international network.

"VIAE's goal by 2023 is to build a high-yield global trading platform for Vietnamese agribusinesses to go global", the General Secretary of IFPPS stressed.

IFPPS plans to visit southern provinces of Vietnam like Dak Lak and Binh Phuoc to connect with local government agencies and qualified suppliers to purchase cashew nuts, coffee beans, pepper and durian.

Major events like an agricultural products festival, seminars, talk shows with businesses, an Agri Awards ceremony... will be held at the end of December. Agri Awards will honor organizations, individuals in the agricultural production industry, promoting agricultural product communication, thereby increasing the value of agricultural products in domestic and international markets.

VIAE will include a series of large-scale events and diverse activities, creating a long-term companionship between businesses and farmers.

The highlight of the exhibition is international events that connect suppliers with international buyers through online connection, a forum, exhibition, voting...

Joining the exhibition, enterprises will have the opportunity to access 50 million readers of VnExpress and media benefits throughout a series of events.

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