Most South Korean firms okay with Vietnamese entry procedures

By Nguyen Quy   November 5, 2020 | 05:54 pm PT
Most South Korean firms okay with Vietnamese entry procedures
South Korean experts arrive at Cat Bi International Airport in northern Hai Phong City, July 2, 2020. Photo courtesy of Hai Phong Police.
67.3 percent of South Korean enterprises are satisfied with Covid-19 related entry process in Vietnam, a survey has found.

It also found that 20.1 percent of respondents felt the entry procedures were "normal" while the remaining were not satisfied, according to the survey, commissioned by the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Korcham). It covered 303 South Korean businesses that have utilized the current special entry procedures in Vietnam.

The procedures allow South Korean experts to enter the country on charter flights organized by Korcham in Vietnam. Passengers are required to show a certificate confirming they tested negative for the novel coronavirus shortly before arrival in Vietnam. They will also be quarantined on arrival for 14 days per the health ministry’s protocol.

For entry purposes, 53.8 percent of surveyed enterprises brought in experts to run factories while 25.1 percent brought in people to install new equipment; 6.6 percent came in looking for local partners; and 5.6 percent to sign contracts, according to the survey results released Wednesday.

It said the special entry process has helped South Korean firms sign contracts worth 30 billion won ($26.4 million) with the Vietnamese side.

The survey also revealed 60.6 percent of enterprises expected the governments of both countries to work to improve quarantine regulations on entry and 41.8 percent want the procedures simplified. Thirty-five percent hoped for more flights to operate between the two countries.

Data from Korcham Vietnam shows that over 3,000 experts and their family members have been granted permission to enter Vietnam for work since March after Vietnam imposed travel restrictions to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country.

South Korea was the second biggest investor in Vietnam in the first ten months of the year with $3.42 billion in registered capital.

South Korean businesses are implementing more than 8,000 projects in the country. These account for 30 percent of Vietnam’s total export value and have generated more than 700,000 jobs.

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