Mobile World’s Indonesian stores each report $183,000 monthly sales

By Thi Ha   January 28, 2024 | 08:58 pm PT
Mobile World’s Indonesian stores each report $183,000 monthly sales
An Erablue outlet of Mobile World in Indonesia. Photo courtesy of Erablue
Mobile World’s larger Erablue electronics stores in Indonesia earn average revenues of VND4.5 billion (US$183,100) a month.

Smaller stores report sales of VND2.5 billion a month, Mobile World said in a recent report as it celebrated the opening of the 50th store in the chain it runs with local partner Erajaya Digital.

Mobile World plans to have 75 stores by the end of the year.

Its CEO Doan Van Hieu Em said: "We are confident that Erablue will reach its targets. There is much potential for its development and soon it will become the biggest retailer in Indonesia."

Mobile World chairman Nguyen Duc Tai said last year that service quality helped Erablue gain customers and this would remain its advantage over competitors.

Indonesian retailers often took days to deliver and install electronics equipment, but Erablue offered same-day delivery just like Mobile World does in Vietnam.

Tai expects to have 500 Erablue stores within the next five years and 20-40% market share with annual revenues of $2-4 billion.

An initial public offering of Erablue is also being considered, he added.

Mobile World recently shut down its Bluetronics retail chain in Cambodia due to the small market and complex tax policies there and instead focuses on the Indonesian market, which is estimated at $14 billion, many times that of Cambodia and double that of Vietnam.

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