How Tim Cook manages his billion-dollar assets

By Ha Thu   April 15, 2024 | 03:50 am PT
How Tim Cook manages his billion-dollar assets
Apple CEO Tim Cook. Photo courtesy of Apple
Apple’s CEO Tim Cook became a billionaire in the 10th year leading the tech giant and has given away shares worth hundreds of millions of dollars as charity.

U.S. magazine Forbes records Cook’s net worth at $2.1 billion on Monday, double that of August 2020 when he first became a billionaire.

Cook, who joined Apple in 1998, has helped the company become the first in the world to reach a $1 trillion market cap and surpass the $3 trillion milestone last year.

His compensation ranks among the highest in the U.S. Last year, Apple paid him $63.2 million in salary and bonus on top of $2.5 million additional expenses such as security and private jet travel.

Cook, 64, has also been a board member of the sports apparel giant Nike since 2005, from which he earns millions of dollars annually.

He lives at a $1.9 million villa he bought in California in 2010. He also owns a $10 million villa in the same state which he bought in 2021.

Cook is active in doing charity. In 2015 he announced his participation in the Giving Pledge program and has since given away hundreds of millions of Apple shares.

He has also announced that Apple would participate in paying for the damage caused by fire at the Amazon and deal with the housing crisis in California.

'Don't work for money, it will wear out fast, or never be enough", he told students of the University of Glasgow in Scotland in 2017.

Cook is currently in Hanoi for a two-day business trip, where he looks forward to meet with content creators, students, and customers in Vietnam, discover how they utilize Apple products.

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