FPT Retail debuts mobile virtual network in Vietnam

By Luu Quy   January 11, 2024 | 01:09 am PT
FPT Retail debuts mobile virtual network in Vietnam
A SIM card of FPT. Photo by VnExpress/Luu Quy
Electronics retailer FPT Retail has unveiled its own mobile virtual network, marking it as the country's fifth such network.

Known for operating the FPT Shop chain and being a subsidiary of the tech giant FPT, FPT Retail does not have its own network infrastructure but leases network services from MobiFone and offers subscriptions to consumers at its own pricing.

With an established ecosystem that includes over 800 FPT Shops across 63 Vietnamese cities and provinces, FPT Retail is poised to leverage its substantial retail presence. These shops annually sell around 1.5 million smartphones and various electronic gadgets.

The new network will be infused with advanced features like cloud computing and artificial intelligence, targeting a demographic keen on cutting-edge technologies, specifically younger consumers. It also aims to cater to businesses and households.

FPT Retail's strategy involves incorporating various FPT services into the network, enhancing the overall user experience, said CEO Hoang Trung Kien.

The introduction of this network adds to the existing roster of mobile virtual network operators in Vietnam, which currently includes iTel, Wintel, Local, and VNSKY.

As of early 2023, these operators collectively serviced about 2.56 million subscribers, accounting for 2.1% of the total Vietnamese market.

The majority of the market is still dominated by five telecom firms that own network infrastructure, namely VinaPhone, Viettel, MobiFone, Vietnammobile, and Gtel.

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