Bakeries halt moon cake production over Covid-19 fear

By Thi Ha   August 23, 2021 | 11:21 pm PT
Bakeries halt moon cake production over Covid-19 fear
Moon cakes are displayed next to a pot of tea. Photo courtesy of Thanh Long Bakery
Several bakeries have decided to shut down moon cake production this season due to labor shortage and expected low demand.

Ho Chi Minh City-based ACB Bakery will not produce the traditional dessert this year as some of its employees are being isolated while stores are closed due to social distancing.

The reduced income of consumers have made moon cakes a luxury product for many blue-collar workers, the company’s owner Kao Sieu Luc told VnExpress.

A spokesperson for food company Kido Group said the intensity of the outbreaks has urged the company to cease moon cake production this year.

If it were to produce, the rising manufacturing costs would cause losses to both the company and customers, the spokesperson added.

Another big producer, Dai Phat Bakery, will also not make the cake this year.

Likewise, owners of small bakeries will shut down production.

Hoa, who owns a bakery in HCMC’s District 3, said in contrast to previous years when she sold 3,000-5,000 cakes anually, there will be none this year.

Hanh, an owner of a five-employee bakery in Thu Duc City, said even though some customers have ordered a few hundred cakes, she had shut down production due to fear of contagion.

Other companies, however, will still produce the cake depending customer demand.

Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam, which accounts for the majority of the moon cake market, said it will focus on online sales this year by partnering with e-commerce and delivery companies and will give out a large number of discount coupons.

Another producer, Thanh Long, will produce the cake 48 hours after customers place an order if the volume is small.

It will push online sales and sell moon cake molds and equipment so customers can make their own at home.

Moon cakes, a traditional dessert, is often sold in August and September every year to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept. 21 this year.

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