Coca-Cola among top 4 most sustainable companies in Vietnam

By Phong Van    December 9, 2022 | 02:30 am PT
Coca-Cola was named among the four most sustainable companies in Vietnam at the Vietnam Corporate Sustainability Forum 2022.

This is the 7th consecutive year Coca-Cola Vietnam has been honored as one of the most sustainable companies in Vietnam.

"This award validates our journey for sustainable development in Vietnam, as we continue to stay laser focused on our company purpose of "Refresh the world and make a difference." To pursue our sustainable packaging vision of "A World Without Waste", we will continue innovating and implementing partnership programs to enhance the lives of Vietnamese people and spread a spirit of positivity," said Peeyush Sharma, CEO of Coca-Cola Beverage Vietnam Limited.

The Vietnam Corporate Sustainability Forum 2022 was organized by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in cooperation with the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD).

Coca-Cola has remained persistent in its contribution to socio-economic recovery and development and creating a driving force for growth post-Covid in Vietnam.

The company aims to give back to communities and nature more water than what it uses in its products. With its partners, Coca-Cola has helped to install water filtration systems at schools and has established social enterprises, known as Ekocenters, across the nation to provide approximately 10 million liters of free drinking water to 800,000 beneficiaries through advanced water purification technology.

The latest Coca-Cola beverage factory in Long An, which broke ground in October 2022, will create more jobs and train more skilled workers. With its modern production lines and smart design elements, it is expected to contribute to Vietnam’s commitment to reduce net emissions to zero by 2050.

To contribute to environmental sustainability, the company continues to work towards its vision of a "World Without Waste" with a goal of collecting and recycling every bottle and can it sells globally by 2030. It is also rolling out packaging innovations to promote a circular economy model.

Coca-Cola Vietnams representative receives the sustainability award. Photo by Coca-Cola Vietnam

Coca-Cola Vietnam's representative receives the sustainability award. Photo by Coca-Cola Vietnam

Throughout its 30 years of operations in the country, the company has launched several projects to deliver on its sustainability goals. Most recently, through its ambitious vision on a "World without waste," Coca-Cola is making its packaging part of the circular economy through a strategy anchored in three interrelated goals: design, collect, and partner.

In September, Coca-Cola Vietnam took another step towards advancing a circular economy by introducing bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic (rPET), except for the caps and labels, across the country. The move is helping the company reduce new plastic usage by over 2,000 tonnes a year in Vietnam.

Coca-Cola Vietnam is also leveraging the reach of its brands to inspire people to recycle by placing a prominent "Recycle me" message on all its packages. The company has also made its bottles easier to recycle by changing the iconic Sprite bottles from green to clear PET plastic.

Coca-Cola Vietnam is one of the founding members of the Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam (PRO Vietnam) that was established to accelerate recycling across the country. It is also extending the reach of its Plastic Action Network program to Can Gio District of Ho Chi Minh City in partnership with GreenHub to bolster the local plastic waste management system and promote the formation of a circular economy model in southern Vietnam.

To raise awareness and find innovative solutions for plastic waste management at locations including Cu Lao Cham and Cat Ba islands, Coca-Cola Vietnam has worked with UNESCO to support the launch of the "Youth and Innovation for Ocean Initiatives" project. The company has also partnered with The Ocean Cleanup to deploy a river cleanup system in the Can Tho River which extracts up to 400kg of trash a day.

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